Why is Ilona Carson leaving ABC13? New job, What happened to her?

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After 16 astonishing years at ABC13, Ilona Carson herself announced that she is stepping off the set and going away from ABC13. She had the greatest job in the world and still made this huge decision on her career. We will, of course, miss seeing her face and her quick wit but what can be the reason for Ilona to leave such a big position? Is she leaving ABC13 for a new job or for her family/children? Keep reading to find out.

Who is Ilona Carson from ABC?

Ilona Carson was born on April 30, 1947, in Houston Texas and has a bachelor's degree in communication.  

Ilona is a reporter, late afternoon anchor, and a working mother who has traveled the world to bring great stories. She reports from local news to national issues and this hardworking woman has proved herself in this industry. This is because she not only won a Lone Star Emmy award for reporting in China but also a National headliner award and a Gracie award for her work. 

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Why Ilona Carson leaving ABC13?

Illona’s last day on set is on June 18, 2021, and her departure news is leaving many people sad already. One of the main reasons for Ilona to leave her job is her family, especially her three children. The mother of 3 now wants to fully focus on her children as children grow up so quickly she doesn’t want to miss a single thing. Every parent wants their child to grow in front of their eyes and so does Ilona. We think her choice is really good because even children want their parents, especially mothers, to be with them. They might thank her one day for this who knows.

Well her decision is not an easy one but she had to sacrifice one thing or another. Thankfully Ilona knows which is the right one and we wish her all the best.

Where will she be going after ABC13? Does she have a new job?

No, Ilona is not looking for another new job in fact it seems like Ilona is neither completely off from her old job. Because according to her she will continue to work of course only on some station projects and specials in the future which means she isn't far from the ABC13 family at all. But she will be far from people who adore watching her on-screen and viewers of the show.

Who is Ilona married to? How many children does she have?

Ilona Carson husband

Ilona recently celebrated her 15th anniversary with her husband Jim Colasanto. Jim is a vice-president, general sales manager, and an awesome husband/father. On father’s day, she shared a picture of her husband with their 3 adorable children and made sure she also wished all the wonderful, patient, and loving dads out there. They have two sons and a daughter named Reid, Pierce, and Georgie, the focus of her life from now on.

Ilona Carson’s salary and net worth?

According to our sources, ABC news anchor salaries range from an average of $35,522 to $168,207 a year. So she might be earning around that number or more because figures vary according to the level of the employee. And working more than a decade she could earn more than that. However, Ilona's net worth is around 300 thousand dollars including her assets and other sources of income. Her husband’s net worth is more than a million dollars so even if she ain’t working anymore they’d go fine financially.

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