What happened to Morgan Corinthos on General Hospital? Is he coming back?

Caption : Brian Craig

Morgan Corinthos is the son of Sonny Corinthos and Carly Benson, who was introduced to General Hospital in October 2003. Morgan made his last appearance on the soap on October 31, 2016, when he was killed off. Actor Brian Craig was portraying Morgan during the time.

What actually happened to Morgan Corinthos on General Hospital?

Morgan's life was filled with dangers ever since he was born. When his mother Carly was pregnant with him, Ric Lansing kidnapped and locked her in a panic room where she went into labor. When his father entered to rescue Carly, he accidentally shot his wife. Later, toddler Morgan and his siblings were kidnapped by A.J. Quartermaine. As a young kid, he escaped a serious bus crash with only a broken leg. 

Brian Craig and Maura West

Morgan grew up to find himself in serious trouble from gambling. Moreover, he had a complicated love life. He was later diagnosed with bipolar disorder. During his illness, he shot at some drug dealers with a stolen gun, following which he was admitted to the Freedman Clinic for treatment. 

After returning, he began seeing Dr. Andre Maddox. His mental condition started deteriorating as Ava had stolen his medicines and replaced them with placebos. Ava's actions ultimately led to Morgan's death when the car he was driving, which he had stolen from Julian, exploded.

Morgan made a special appearance on January 17, 2018's episode which was centered around Ava. 

Is Morgan Corinthos coming back to General Hospital? Can he still be alive?

While Morgan is presumed dead after the car he was driving exploded into flames, his body has not been found. So we can not confirm that he is actually dead. In fact, we should not forget that nobody ever dies in a soap. 

After Morgan was killed off on GH, actor Brian shared a tweet in 2016 which read, "I'll come through again and pick up right where I left off." The tweet led the fans to believe that his return was imminent. But later, he shared another tweet stating, "Don't get ahead of yourself."

Brian Craig and Matt Barr

The way GH wrapped up Morgan's storyline and Craig's tweet hint that the door is still open for Morgan. But we are afraid that fans will not be able to see Craig in the role since he has been busy with his new jobs at present. Perhaps, the soap will have to recast Morgan Corinthos if it ever decides to bring him back from the dead.

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