7News reporter Olivia Leeming leaving Channel Seven after 5 years, where is she going?

Caption : Olivia Leeming leaving 7News

Olivia Leeming said goodbye to Channel Seven and Australia, where she was working as a federal news reporter for around 5 years. She was one of 7News’s most glamorous journalists. In her departure notice, she not only mentioned leaving the network but also gave some glimpses of her new job. Let’s find out where she is going? And what is she working on next?

Why did Olivia Leeming leave 7News network? Where is she going?

Olivia left her dream job in order to pursue her new career in Bangkok, Thailand. She will be freelancing throughout Asia in the upcoming three years. Her work in the midst of a pandemic currently is to find special stories across Asia.

Former 7News reporter Olivia has arrived in Thailand with her family. On Tuesday, July 6, Olivia landed in Bangkok to start a new chapter as a freelancer in her career. She arrived at a hotel with her family and is currently staying there for a mandatory 14 days of quarantine.

She shared a few stories on her Instagram showing Bangkok’s skyscrapers and city life. She also asked her followers for some TV and movie recommendations to pass her days.

Olivia is active in mostly two social media where she shares her beautiful photographs and media reporting. She has nearly 6k followers on her Instagram and more than 8k followers on her Twitter. Her social media handle is @olivialeeimg.

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Why did Oliva leave her dream job? 

Olivia confirmed her departure on Wednesday in a statement to the industry newsletter Telum media.  Nearly after working for five years as 7News’ federal political reporter, she decided to embark on a new adventure.

Although she declared officially leaving the network, she  did go on to say that her love of federal politics will never fade.

Olivia shared an emotional goodbye farewell post on her Instagram. She wrote about her journey there and thanked her Seven News Colleagues for being the best teammates.

Who is Olivia Lemming? Her bio and age

Olivia Leeming is regarded as one of the best news reporters in the business. She was born in the year 1988/89 in Sydney, Australia. As of 2021, her age is 33 years old. Olivia used to reside in Canberra, Australia along with her family and husband. But starting this year of July, the family will be living in Bangkok for at least three years.

Olivia graduated from Oakhill College and then went to university to study engineering. But just after going there for 3 weeks, she felt it wasn’t for her and immediately withdrew.

Her passion was not in engineering but in journalism. So, she moved to Wollongong to study journalism and marketing. She also loves sports like Netball, Basketball, Touch Football, and Soccer.

How much is Olivia’s net worth?

According to reports, Olivia has a net worth of approximately $1 million today. She is an experienced journalist and a presenter. She hosted many charity and social events and interviewed various international celebrities around the world throughout her career.

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