Who is Chris "The Hustle" Stephens from Garage Rehab cast? Is he married? Bio 2019

Caption : Chris Stephens with Richard Rawlings

Chris "The Hustle" Stephens is one third of the Garage Rehab cast Read on for a short bio on him and find out what he is up to in 2019. Is Chris Stephens married or does he have a girlfriend? Find out!

Garage Rehab cast Chris "The Hustle" Stephens Short bio

Chris Stephens, aged 35, is the co-owner of Frederick, Maryland based Eurotech Classics. He was born and raised in Darnestown, Maryland. He started the automotive business with his brother Marc Stephens. Their company specializes in restoring German cars likes Volkswagens and Porches. 

He has been working the trade since his teen years. His first car was a 1975 Porsche 914, which he restored over a period of two years. He is also a motorcycle enthusiast and has built a number of custom bikes. 

Garage Rehab hosts

Stephens is responsible for making Richard Rawlings' vision a reality. "We help the shop owners build a new plan, a new business idea, and help them with new equipment and even construction. Whatever a business needs to get back on its feet," said Stephens.

He travels across the country with Richard Rawlings to film Garage Rehab. "Being a shop owner myself for almost 15 years, I want to make sure that I will still make them the money, tell the how to run the business and design the shop for the best workflow possible.

Chris Stephens waiting to get married to girlfriend

Chris Stephens with girlfriend

Chris Stephens is engaged to his girlfriend Cheryl Kylene. A graduate of West Virginia University, Cheryl also lives in Frederick, Maryland. Chris has posted a few photos of her on his Instagram. He wished her a happy birthday in a post on November 1, 2017.

Chris and Cheryl have been in a relationship since 2012.  According to Cheryl's Facebook, they got engaged in 2015. The couple share two foster pups named Bear and Scout. 

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