Everything you need to know about Adam Plunkett from Street Outlaws? What does Adam love behind car racing?

Caption : Adam Plunkett

Adam Plunkett received some fame after appearing on Street Outlaws but he is much more than just a racer from the show. Adam has of course proved his skills through his 69 Camaro car but his talents are beyond the street. Plunkett is a professional and passionate pilot, owning his own Plunkett Aviation Services. Along with his own company, he is also co-founder of other two businesses relating to it. In fact, his career has always been more into flying than racing. But those are also the two things he is into the most and calls them the love of his life. Having said that, we don't mean he is a single old man. Adam actually has a beautiful family with a lovely wife and supportive children. Keep reading to know more about his life, career, and family.

How did Adam get into racing? How did his passion begin

Adam Plunkett

Adam Plunkett is a professional racer from Street Outlaws. He rides a 69 Camaro and belongs to Black Sheep Mafia. Adam is now famous and successful for his racing and tv personality but it did not just happen overnight. Adam started having a love for riding and racing when he was a kid. He began with the bicycle at first then it followed up with his mom’s cars, pickup trucks then motorcycles. Adam got addicted to anything that he can drive. In the mid 80’s he started racing with performance parts. The first car he drove was a 1977 Corvette. He got his best friend, Peter Skipper, by his side. They found nothing but success so Adam’s passion grew and got more serious.

Adam’s put his passion for car racing aside to achieve another one; Adam journey in flying planes

Adam Plunkett daughter

Adam loves to race and spend time in his race car but along with that he also has another huge passion. That is flying airplanes. At the age of 18, he began to take training on how to fly planes professionally. Adam’s best friend's dad had knowledge about it, so he gave Adam a proper flying lesson. Adam then soon became an agricultural aviation pilot and started making a living on it. It was his favorite job as he fell in love with it every day. On one side he found success in aviation whereas on the other side his first passion, the car race was slowing down.

Adam’s family; Adam got his daughter to take over his business

Along with an incredible and extreme career, Adam also has a beautiful family. Adam’s three daughters are beautifully grown up and recently they joined his business, Plunkett aviation as well. Adam not only now has trustworthy people in his business but it also gave him time to get back into the racing and car world. Check out the incredible family picture of Adam from his Facebook account. 

After years when he again went back to racing, he found out that he was still passionate about it. He was still very interested. Soonly he purchased a 69 Camaro which he rides now and let me tell you his fun has just begun.

How did Adam get into Street Outlaws?

Adam got a good friend named Brent Self who is also his neighbor and with whom he began a little racing.  They start from the local raceway. But as both of them have talents in racing, the duo jumped to larger racing events. It seemed like they needed new competition and more challenges. Adam and Brent then became a great team winning several tracks. In the reward, they got an invitation to compete with Street outlaws. He is currently known as one of the fastest and well-respected racers of Street Outlaws.

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