Is Ian Bohen / Ryan Leaving Yellowstone? Did he join the new show while doing Yellowstone?

Caption : Ian Bohen

Viewers and Fans of Yellowstone are much worried about Ian Bohen’s performance and his future on the show. Ian, who plays Ryan in Yellowstone, could have quite trouble to continue the show in the future. Bohen is an American actor best known for his role in the teen wolf series and has actually done good work on the show too. He impressed many viewers and gained tons of followers. However, for some particular and valid reason, Ian Bohen or Ryan might be cut off from the show. Does Yellowstone have decided to end Ian’s character as Ryan? How much Ian exiting from the show is true?

Why would Ian Bohen leave the show?

There are many speculations as to why Ryan could leave Yellowstone. First of all, Ryan has been on the show since its beginning and still does not have his character developed. The lack of character development and individuality creates less value on the show which anyone would not like to have.

Ian did join the show to play Ryan as a recurring cast member at the beginning and surely he did that amazingly. It even promoted his character as regular status in the third season. But still, something feels missing with Ryan. If we compare Ryan with other supporting characters like Colby, Walker, Jimmy, all of them have already received more individual and strong stories excluding him.

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Ian Bohen joined another show in 2021; His new series updates

Soon there was a rumor about Ian’s exit from Yellowstone, there happened to be another news about him moving into a different series. In October 2021, there was an announcement that Bohen would be on the American superhero drama television series, Superman & Louis season 2, reuniting with Tyler Hoechlin, his co-star from Teen wolf. Superman & Lois was previously only announced as a pilot but got renewed for its second season in 2021. The character Bohen would be playing on the show is Lieutenant Mitch Anderson. If you are wondering when you could see Bohen on Superman and Lois then the show’s new season 2 is roughly expected to get premiered in early 2022. Follow Ian on Instagram: @ianbohen to get more updates on his new show.

Will we see Ian in Season 4 of Yellowstone?

When the news about Ian joining Superman and Lois came out, season four of Yellowstone was already complete. Since Ian’s character was not cut off in season three he has surely completed filming the show. So, fans and viewers can expect him to appear in the fourth season. But after season 4 it’s risky to say if he will appear beyond that. Watch the fourth season of Yellowstone on December 19 to get more information on Ryan’s story.

Also looking at where the show gets filmed, Ian could have a serious problem doing both shows together. The filming of Yellow stone takes place in Montana whereas Superman & Lois takes place in Canada.  For the official confirmation, we have to hear from Ian himself about it.

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