Everything to know about Big Brother winner and B&B guest star Xavier Prather

Caption : Xavier Prather Big Brother winner

Attorney and former college athlete Xavier Prather is celebrated his success with a guest spot on the American television soap opera The Bold and the Beautiful. Fans are very excited to see his cast and role on The Bold and the Beautiful as he was one of the strongest contestants to appear on Big Brother to date. If you are wondering when you can see him on screen again then it’s very soon then you expected. Keep reading to find out when his episode will air. Also, get details on his college education and family. Where does he live today?

Xavier Prather followed a tradition by making a guest appearance in the soap opera The Bold and the Beautiful.

Xavier Prather on B&B

Xavier Prather is the winner of the reality series ‘Big Brother’ season 21. It has officially been a tradition that the winner of Big Brother gets welcomed in the soap opera, The Bold and the Beautiful. So likewise Prather will also have an appearance for at least two episodes in the series.

The annual tradition has quite been out there since the year 2004. Some walk-on roles whereas some do guest appearances. As of now, the character that Prather is going to play is not publicly declared. His debut episodes will be out next month. Catch Prather on The Bold and the Beautiful on November 8-10, 2021.

Check out the photos of Xavier Prather on Twitter posing in front of the B&B studio. 

Xavier Prather’s age and education; How tall is he?

Xavier Prather was born on May 12, 1994, in Kalamazoo, Michigan. In 2021, he turned 27 years old and currently he resides in Milwaukee. Prather was born to his parents Rick Prather and Kenya Calloway. Among the two, he is most close to his mother, Kenya. In fact, while he was on the show Big Brother, the toughest part of the whole show was not being able to talk to his mother.

In college, Xavier was mostly interested in law. He studies Bachelor of Arts majoring in criminal justice and pre-law. Then he attended Valparaiso University of the school of law where he obtained a Doctor of Law degree. And after that in 2020, he obtained a doctoral degree in law from Marquette University of law school.

Besides that Xavier likes to play basketball. His jersey no. is 24. His height is 5 feet 1 inch which is not only incredible but also a plus point for games like that. 

Xavier Prather’s net worth; What did he win from Big Brother?

Xavier took home $750,000 after winning the CBS Big Brother in 2021. It was the largest grand prize in the show’s history. Surprisingly before coming to the show he was earning a good income. He is of course well educated with a good career, his annual income was around 96 thousand dollars.

Having said that in 2021 his income leveled up as his name got globally recognized. According to our sources, his net worth reached $!- $2 million.

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