Who is the ‘Queen of Heartland’ Heather Conkie? Are fans of Heartland happy about her storyline of Amy Fleming and Ty Borden?

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Few people are exclusively known for their behind-the-scenes work and Heather Conkie surely is one of them. She is one of the writers of the Canadian comedy-drama TV series Heartland which has an 8.5 rating on IMDB. Heather has always been much loved by Heartland’s fans but since season 15 got released, lots of fans started to get disappointed in her. It was totally unexpected for viewers to see the lead actor, Ty Borden, get killed off and Amy Fleming starting a new phase in her life. Get to know Heather Conkie, her job details, and her writing for the show.

Who is Heather Conkie? What is she known for?

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Heather has always been a writer and producer but she is also known for her acting in television. The Canadian television show from the ’80s named Polka Dot Door was the first show she featured on. Including that she then starred in other children’s shows as well. But it was only in the 90s she got her screenwriting credit. She first wrote for a 1992 HBO original movie named Beethoven Lives Upstairs with other writers like Richard Mozer, David Devine, and so on. After that, she worked for numerous shows as a writer like Road to Avonlea, & the heaven Dark oracle, the 7th heaven, The Zack Files, and last but not the least Heartland.

Although she is mostly known for her writing form series, she wrote for some television movies as well.

Heather Conkie has not opened much about her family life. In one of the interviews, she did mention that she has a supportive and fabulous husband sharing a daughter together. According to Conkie, they are the ones behind her success and she could not do all this without them at all.

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What does Heather Conkie do in Heartland? 

If you didn’t know then Heather is the executive producer of the show. She sits with writing teams to create seasonal arcs and is also involved in the sound department to complete the post-production sound and music.

Heather is so busy as her work has huge responsibilities that it makes her calendar insane. But still, with the tough job, she does have some favorite parts in her work and one of them is writing. 

Fans reaction to Heather Conkie’s writing and storyline of Amy Fleeing and Ty Borden

Every show’s whether its actors, producers or writers has both fans and haters and so does Heather. As you know Heartland land’s story is always exciting and unexpected and because of that, some huge fans are extremely disappointed. They mentioned that they did not quite enjoy the plot and twist of the character Amy’s love interest and even called out Heather and other writers on Instagram using the hashtags like #heatherconkie #heartland.

Also when one of the main characters, Ty Borden got cut off from the show, they could not get more disappointed. These are also the reasons why they already started to expect season 16 to be boring.

On the good side, some Heartland fans considered her a tremendous writer. They think she knows how to pull their heartstrings.

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