Are Steve Darnell and his wife together in 2021? Who is Steve’s wife? His net worth?

Caption : Reality TV star Steve Darnell

Meet the man behind the machine, Steve Darnell, who can turn a machine into a stunning work of art. Steve is an American automobile enthusiast, experienced engineer, and TV personality. He is passionate about cars and rose to fame by starring in a TV show related to his interest called Vegas Rat Rods. The successful TV personality is a father of two. Do you know who his wife is? Let’s find out.

Who is Steve Darnell married to? Is he single in 2021?

Although Steve is a public figure, he has nicely maintained privacy about his personal life. We do know that he is a married man but who his wife is - it’s still a secret. There are lots of mysteries when it comes to his wife's identity. This man who speaks a lot about his car, career, and history has not said anything about his wife till today.

Having said that he did once mention his wife but indirectly. On the YouTube video, The Story of Steve Darnell - Sneak Peak... How Discovery's Vegas Rat Rods Happened, he said that he began to work really hard after finding out his ex-wife was pregnant with his baby. The video was uploaded in 2020. As he said ex-wife, he is surely divorced and might be single too.

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How many children does Steve Darnell have?

Steve and his mysterious ex-wife share two children together. They have two sons named Chase Darnell and Kash Darnell. The brothers are close to each other and possess a genuine love for machines like their father. In Fact, they are best buds.

Steve Darnell with his sons

Both of his sons consider their father as a source of their inspiration. Steve also gives a lot of priority to his children. Whenever he has spare time, he likes to spend time with his sons by working on engines and visiting various exotic sites.

The relationship between Darnell and his sons is very genuine and real.

How did Steve Darnell begin his career? His company and television show

During his college days, Steve was brutally fascinated with wrestling. He also took part in a wrestling team. But little did he know his wrestling coach would find his true passion. The coach's name was Rich Malia. 

Rich knew Steve had some creative gift so he asked him to make a bicycle for his daughter. The bicycle he created didn’t only make the coach's daughter very happy but he also found out what he was truly interested in. And following the coach’s advice, he signed up for an automotive trades program.

Today Steve is the man behind the program Welder Up, which is a vehicle customization shop.

Steve also did some reality TV shows. He is the head of the Discovery channel’s hit reality series, Vegas Rat Rods, and has his crew there named The WelderUp crew.  Besides that, he is also known for starring in other videos and shows like Five Finger Death Punch - House Of The Rising Sun and The Gavin Mclnnes Show.

Find more about Steve’s career journey from his Instagram. His Instagram handle is @welderupvegas.

Steve Darnell’s net worth? Where does he spend his wealth?

It is not a secret that Steve Darnell has various sources of income. For his main customization work, he charges around $80k to $100k per service. He also earns a lot of money from his engineering skills and also television career. As of 2021, his net worth is approximately between $800 thousand to one million dollars.

If you want to know where he spends his hundred of thousand dollars, let us tell you that he has an expensive collection of luxurious vintage cars. He has a 1957 Chevy 210, 1968 Dodge Charger, and 1930 Ford Model A Sedan. Besides that, he lives a luxurious life in a huge comfy house located in Las Vegas.

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