Who is Brazilian footballer Hulk’s wife? Expecting a baby with his ex-wife's niece, Camila Souza? Did Camila break his previous marriage?

Caption : Hulk and Camila Angelo

After divorcing his first wife, Hulk married Camila Angelo, the niece of his ex-wife in 2020. Hulk and Camila have been together nearly a year and the two already have big news to share with their followers. The couple announced that they are having a baby very soon. Check out the pregnancy news below and more about their relationship. Also, find out who his ex-wife is. Does Hulk already have children from his ex-wife? Did they split due to Hulk's relationship with their niece?

Hulk to become a father again with his pregnant wife, Camila Angelo, Who is she? 

Hulk children

Hulk is happily married to his second wife Camila Angelo in 2020. She is a 32 years old model and Instagram personality. She is apparently almost 20 years younger than his previous wife. His first wife is none other than Camila’s aunty. Hulk and Camila’s relationship started only after the divorce. Camila has nothing to do with Hulk’s previous marriage failure.

Hulk and Camila, the fresh pair, are expecting a baby at the end of 2021 or early 2022. Hulk took to Instagram to share his wife’s pregnancy news. He uploaded pictures and video of two kissing, dancing and holding the ultrasound scans. 

Along with the picture, he wrote a beautiful caption being grateful and blessed with another child and thanked God with a full heart. He also mentioned it was his fourth time being a father and his heart is overflowing with happiness.

How did Hulk and Camila’s relationship start?

Hulk revealed that he and his ex-wife were apart for a year before he became involved with Camila. Hulk and Camila were in China, Hulk was playing for China’s Shanghai SIPG. As both of them were single at that time and attracted to one another, they ended up involved with each other.

It was Hulk himself who decided to make his relationship public. He told his family about them but his ex-wife is not happy. She has not forgiven the two and doesn’t consider Camila as not even a friend.

Brazilian soccer player Hulk leaves Iran Souza, wife of 12 years, for her niece

Who is Hulk’s ex-wife? Why did they split?

Hulk children

Hulk was previously married in 2017 to his first wife named Iran Angelo de Souza who happens to be Camila's aunty.  Their marriage lasted more than a decade, splitting in July 2019. The two also share 3 children together. They have two sons named Ian and Thiago and a daughter named Alice.

Hulk and his former partner, Iran did not have a happy marriage as it looked outside. When their marriage broke down they went public and blamed one another. Iran opened up going through great pain whereas Hulk said she treated him like a monster. According to Hulk, Camila lived a single life, she only wanted to have the status of wife.

Hulk also claimed he has been unfaithful to her for nearly 12 years and called their marriage an unhappy one.

What is Hulk’s real name?  What is he famous for? His age, bio

Hulk's real name is Givanildo Vieira de Sousa. He is a Brazilian professional football player born on 25 July 1986. He began his career by debuting for the club, Vitoria in 2004 and international debut for Brazilian National Team in 2009. He has overall won several titles now including the 2010-2011 UEFA Europa League and other three national championships. He also became the league’s top scorer.

Hulk has been previously named as one of the top XL players and FIFA's official website describes him as a direct powerhouse of a centre- or wide-forward who knows his way around the box.

Find more about Hulk through his Instagram. His Instagram handle is @hulkparaiba.

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