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It has been quite some time since Young and the Restless introduced any new face on the canvas. But there’s a new character ready to join the Genoa City residents in the upcoming episodes. Spoilers tell us that the new character will hit the screen during the first week of the new year. Ladies in GC, better prepare yourselves, as you might just fall in love with this new man. 

Tanner Watt - The new character to join Y&R in 2020

It has been officially announced that the new character to join the Y&R cast in 2020 is Tanner Watts, a young personality from Chicago. 

Spoilers tell us that Tanner is a recording artist, who is heading to Genoa City with some hidden purpose. There are also chatters that he has some connections with one of the characters in Genoa City. But who is that character?

If we take a look at the current characters in GC, there are a few who came to town from Chicago.

At number one is Theo Vanderway (Tyler Johnson), who came to town in May 2019. Before that, he lived in Chicago and was involved in the recording industry, as well, at some point.

Not long ago, he once tried to help Tessa (Cait Fairbanks), Mariah Copeland’s girlfriend, with her music career. But he had some hidden motives behind getting close to her. Theo eventually showed an ugly side of his and tried to impose himself on Tessa against her will. 


As much as we remember, the two have not crossed each other’s paths since then. However, Theo has been trying to fix things between them as of late. So could this new character be a help in Theo’s mission to make amends with Tessa?

Talking of other characters who are from Chicago, Tessa herself is one, who came to GC in 2017. She is not just from the same town as Tanner but also shares the same profession as his, which is why there is a greater chance that the two could be connected in some ways. 

Spoilers also point towards the possibility that Watts could be someone from Tessa’s rough past. We know, Tessa is not fond of recalling her time in Chicago as she had pretty rough experiences from living in a bad neighborhood with equally bad people. Tanner could be one of the bad guys who have crossed Tessa’s path in the past.

Chase Coleman Short Bio: Age, Birthday, Movies and TV Shows

The Young and the Restless is casting Chase Coleman in the role of Tanner Watts. HBO TV and CW viewers will know the actor very well as he has worked with some hit series on these networks. On HBO TV, he played the award-winning role of Billy Winslow in Broadwalk Empire while on CW, he was recently seen in the role of the werewolf, Oliver, in The Originals. 

Born in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, and raised in Monroe, Louisiana, Coleman attended Grace Episcopal  School and later graduated from St. Frederick Catholic High School. During his high school years, he was primarily involved in singing and was even a lead singer for the rock band called Crawl Space. Later, when he was attending the University of Louisiana, he discovered his interest in acting, as well. 

Chase Coleman

Coleman made his debut television appearance, playing the role of Garrett on the popular daytime show, One Life to Live. In Between Men, The Americans, The Good Wife, Gossip Girl, Law & Order: Criminal Intent, Aquarius, Kings, Serenade, Catahoula, and God Don’t Make the Laws are other TV shows and movies he has worked in. 

As of now, Coleman is dividing his time between acting, his production company Bloodstone Productions and his music band Mercy Mode. The 34-year-old actor (born. March 20, 1985) seems to be single at present.

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