Everything you need to know about cook Kenzie Swanhart from Ninja Kitchen. Who is her supportive husband who doesn’t cook but clean? About her newlywed cookbook

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If you are a cook or a foodie you must have remembered Kenzie Swanhart from her blogs and books where others might recognize her from QVC as she cooks for Ninja kitchen. If you are here to find out how Kenzie begins her journey and what her personal life looks like then this article is pretty much right for you. We share your details on her bio, family, and work including how you can get her cookbook and recipes. Also, find out if she and her amazing husband share children or not in 2022. When did they get married?

Who is Kenzie Swanhart? What does she do for a living?

Kenzie Swanhart children

Kenzie Swanhart is a culinary innovation director, TV personality, cookbook author, food blogger, lovely wife, and mother. She celebrates her birthday every November. Kenzie graduated from Northeastern in the year 2013 with a degree in Bachelor of Arts in journalism and communication studies minor in political science. That was also the place where she met her now-husband.

Kenzie started cooking in college and also has a background in culinary experience. In the beginning, she started her journey with some small blog. Cooking and cultivating a healthy balanced life only used to be her passion but now it’s been some years that it became her full-time job. Currently, as a tv personality, Kenzie’s main focus is on her work for Ninja Kitchen where she produces recipes and products that inspire every home cook. 

Kenzie works on various platforms but she does manage to have some free time. In her spare time, she especially likes to spend time with her husband, child, and pet. They mostly spend their lovely weeknights by cooking easy and quick dinner for themselves, their dog and even travels to new restaurants some days.

Who is Kenzie Swanhart married to? Does the couple have children?

Kenzie Swanhart is happily and joyfully married to her husband Julien Levesque. Julien is not exactly a cook like his wife but he is very supportive of her. Kenzie jokingly once said to the magazine she is the one that cooks and leads the kitchen whereas her husband cleans. It was a joke but  what she actually meant was he’s always with her in the kitchen helping her in every way like cleaning or tasting her food 

Kenzie and Julien got married in September 2020 at Villa Catureglio. Take a look at Kenzie and Julie’s wonderful wedding photoshoot that Kenzie shared on her Instagram. She posted the pictures after a year of their wedding to wish her husband a happy anniversary. If you go to their Instagram your eyes will be also caught by their beautiful little baby girl. They share one child and two dogs together. Their daughter’s name is Evvie Jaimes. Here’s a holiday picture of the family including their dogs where all of them looked incredibly amazing.

Why did Kenzie and her husband Julien think it’d be cool to create a newlywed cookbook?

Kenzie had already written a few cookbooks when she made a plan to duet with her husband on her next book. She immediately thought it’d be cool as they were just married and it would be also known for the newlywed cookbook. However, there are already many newlyweds cookbooks so it was not something that no one has ever done. But the difference between Kenzie and Julien was that they were not only going to share recipes and hands but also going to celebrate the partnership of cooking. Then soon after their plan, they released their book named The newlywed cookbook: 100 recipes for every couple to cook together. The book is available as pdf and site like Amazon with a 4.6/5 rating. You can also get quick, simple recipes from her personal blog: kenzieswanhart.com.

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