Everything you need to know about Highway Thru Hell cast Jamie Davis in 2022. His age, wife, and net worth

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If you are a fan of the documentary series Highway Thru Hell then you might not need a description of Jamie Davis. But this article includes everything about his life that might interest you including how he got into the business and show. What Jamie does for a living and shows are quite open to the public but do you know about his wife? Yes, Jamie has a beautiful family with few children too. Also If you ever wondered about how much Jamie Davis earns from his business and Highway Thru Hell then keep reading to find out.

Who is Jamis Davis? How did he begin his career on Highway Thru Hell?

Jamie Davis Highway thru Hell

Jamie Davis is the cast/co-founder of Highway thru Hell. He was born on April 18 1964 which makes his age 57 in 2022. Davis hailed from the USA, where he completed his education and found the woman of his life. In college, Jamie used to be a footballer but alongside he always got love for vehicles. His love for the cars and everything related to that stuff made him create his own company named Towing which got even more successful after he began the show Highway Thru Hell.

But Highway Thru Hell became this huge show because of Jamie’s Towing Company. It all began when one of the directors of the show’s car was both repaired and saved from danger by Jamie’s company’s employees. The director thought to get this business into TV and soon the show became a pretty big hit both on local and international TV. Since the show was everywhere, not only him and his company but also his place where he lives, Hope got popular. And when there are tourists, the economy of the place increases.

What is Jamie Davis' wife's name? His marriage and children 

Jamie-Davis with his wife and children

Talking about Davis' personal life, he is happily married to his longtime girlfriend, sharing a couple of kids. Along with being a successful businessman, he is an amazing and loving husband and a father. Jamie’s wife’s name is Sherry Davis also known as Lucy Austin Davis. The two are an old-time couple. They dated while they were in college, graduated together, and like you see in a movie got married. The two are very supportive of each other as they not only live together but also work together. Sherry is one of the business partners of Jamie’s Company. 

Jamie and Sherry are parents to not one and two but a total of four kids. The names of their children are Alexis, Brandon, Briana, and Jamie, Jr. Davis whom they consider as their love and happiness. According to our sources, the Davis family’s current residence is in Hope. When Jamie got the spare time he does skiing around there with his family.

How much is Jamie Davis’s net worth?

Jamie Davis net worth

Being a TV personality, showrunner, and businessman, we can clearly tell you without a doubt that Jamie is worth a few million dollars. But for the exact number, we looked closely through his net worth and earnings. We found out that Jamie receives an annual salary of over $850000 and aside, he has his own assets, other sources of income, and investments. The results overall estimate Jamie’s net worth to be over 3 million dollars.

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