Everything you need to know about Street Outlaws’ star Lance Knigge. Who are his wife and children? What car does Lance Knigge drive on Street Outlaws?

Caption : Lance Knigge children

Wyoming has got one of the best and fastest racers named Lance Knigge in America's number 1 reality television series, Street Outlaws. If you haven't watched it yet, let us tell you Lance's car runs like the fastest thing you have ever seen. Street Outlaws of course got many amazing, famous, and fastest car racers from all around the world but Lance has a different kind of style and personal life.. Knigge seems like a respectful and organized kind of person in reality.. The way he is with his partner/wife and children makes him every lady's dream guy. If you don't believe us, keep reading this article to get more of Lance’s life, family especially how he is with his kids. 

Who is Lance Knigge? What does he do excluding racing? His bio

Lance Knigge is a Street Outlaws brilliant racer and president of Wyoming Safety Supply. He lives in Casper, Wyoming, the US with his family. He drives a big turbo big motor mustang in the show which approximately goes 220mph despite having to pedal it half-track. And the company he is president of, WSS is also related to races and cars as it provides and supplies the racing fuel for race cars mainly for the event. 

Lance represents his state Wyoming every time he races. He has surely made the people of Wyoming and the state itself proud. He is also considered one of Wyoming's best racers. Take a look at this youtube video where Lance impressed the audience with his wicked fast car and also by winning the race. If you want the 2022 update of Lance's life and races then follow him on Instagram now. His Instagram profile is lance_knigge.

Also, Check out the tweet of Street Outlaws for Lance Knigge. The caption hyped the audience as it says Knigge was ready to show the world his badass car. 

Lance Knigge's family; Does Lance Kniggs have a wife and children? 

Lance Knigge has a beautiful partner by his side. Her name is Hailie Haefele. It seems like Hailie is sort of a racer too like her man. In 2019, Lance went to Facebook to share the joy and congratulate himself and her lady when they won Iowa no prep. He thanked her saying he could not have actually done that without him and called her a sexy mama, yes it means she is the mother of his kids. The same year, The premier streetcar association also congratulated both of them for being the XDR runner-up at the Drag Illustrated WSOPM. Find Lance partner Haile Haefele on Instagram as halie307.

There is no confirmation yet that the two are officially married but we guess they are husband and wife. This is because Lance and Hailie have been officially together for a long long time and they share a few children together so it is possible. Anyway, they are very much committed and happily living together as they share a lot of compatibility and chemistry. 

Lance Knigge could be the best dad compared to other racers

Most of the time in the family, it’s the mother who spends quality and quantity time with her children, however, in  Lance Knigge's case, he is also seen equally involved like his partner. According to his social media handle, we found out that he not only has three kids but also has infinite time to spend with them. He travels with them, goes to their school, goes fishing, hangs out with them all day, and even once had a cute date night with his daughter. When one of his sons, Paxton won his first race, He called it the Best father’s day so far adding there should also be soul mate day so that he could dedicate it to his amazing partner Hailie.  And of course, the kids love their father too. They have gotten captured a few times when their daddy was racing.

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