Will Dr. Sam Abrams (Brennan Brown) make it out alive after the plane crash on Chicago Med?

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It has been a rough week for the doctors at Gaffney Chicago Medical Center as they have been working against the clock to save the people who got in a major plane crash at O’Hare Airport. Things get more personal and emotional when Dr. Marcel Crockett reveals to his colleagues that one of the victims is Dr. Sam Abrams. The doctor is badly burned and the prognosis does not look good for him. Will Sam Abrams survive? Or will this be the end for him? 

Is Dr. Sam Abrams (Brennan Brown) leaving Chicago Med?

On the January 15, 2020’s episode of Chicago Med, viewers came face to face with yet another tragedy at the Chicago-verse. The episode, The Ground Shifts Beneath Us, revealed that fan-favorite Abrams is in a life-death situation.

Previously, at the start of Chicago Fire Season 8, viewers watched the tragic loss of Brian ‘Otis’ Zvonecek. Then Chicago P.D. and Chicago Fire ended in cliffhangers with Lieutenant Kelly Serveride and Detective Jay Halstead in danger. It was recently revealed that both of them are safe. Chichards are now worried that Abrams’ accident is staging for the departure of yet another character.

Dr. Abrams is the head of neurosurgery at Gaffney Chicago Medical Center. As a veteran of Chicago Med, he has been a staple on the show since day one and has appeared in all the five seasons. 

Dr Sam Abrams

Viewers immediately took notice of his straight forward no-nonsense attitude with no patience for privileged younger doctors complaining of being overworked.

Fans got a big shock in the last episode of Chicago Med after Abrams was revealed to be one of the injured passengers. However, his face was not shown stating that he was badly burnt. It as later revealed that the burn victim was not even him, which led viewers to hate his wife, Michelle, who was about to pull the plug and let him die. 

Angry fans took to Twitter to share their reactions. "Dr. Abrams had better be filing for divorce from his ableist wife," one said. 

“Abrams isn't dead, she pulled the plug on a stranger OMG,” tweeted another fan. 

Brennan could not reveal the fate of his character before the episode aired. So he tweeted this on January 15.

It is confirmed that Dr. Sam Abrams is not the one lying on the hospital bed, which means he is still alive and not going anywhere. Don’t forget to watch the new episode of Chicago Med on Wednesday, January 22, at 8 P.M. on NBC to see what happens next. We will be back with more updates.

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