Ruby Sue (Ellen Latzen) from Christmas Vacation: 2018 Updates

Caption : Child actress Ellen Latzen

With Christmas around the corner, Christmas Vacation viewers are once again missing their beloved actress Ellen Latzen, who appeared in the role of Ruby Sue in the 1989's movie. With actors like Chevy Chase, Beverly D' Angelo, Randy Quaid, and Diane Ladd starring in the movie, Ellen was the cutest cast of Christmas Vacation. Read our full article to find out where she is now in 2018. 

Ellen Latzen was 9 years old when she played Ruby Sue in Christmas Vacation

Ellen was born on July 26, 1980, in New York, to web designer Anne Hamilton and Bob Latzen. Her father later married Lorrie. She has a sister named Amy Latzen Birks.  

Ellen Latzen family picture

When Christmas Vacation released on December 1, 1989, 9-year-old Ellen was one of the smallest cast members in the movie. She appeared as the daughter of actors Randy Quaid and Miriam Flynn in the movie. 

Ellen's first acting gig was Fatal Attraction, a super hit movie of 1987. She appeared as Ellen Gallagher, the daughter of lead character Dan Gallagher (portrayed by Michael Douglas) in the movie. 

As a child actor, she has appeared in several other movies and TV shows, including Mr. North, Alkali, Boys Life 2, and Iowa.

What does Ellen Latzen do for a living now?

Ellen, 38, has not been active in the show business for a long time now. In fact, she has not made any screen appearances since graduating from her high school.

Ellen moved to a boarding school in Vermont at the age of 15. She then studied at California College of Arts in the San Francisco Bay Area. She has worked for companies like MogoTix, Newzcard, and True Accord. She is also affiliated with SAG-AFTRA as a voice-over artist. 

Ellen Latzen on Live in the D

On her LinkedIn profile, she has written, "After 20+ years as a regular working stiff, I finally realized that my heart always belonged to entertainment. So I dusted off my acting boots and picked up the microphone as a Voice Over professional." "Aside from my VO work, I've also got some podcast projects in the making, so stay tuned!" she has stated.

Recently, on December 1, 2018, she made a guest appearance on Local 4's Live in the D. The day marked the 29th anniversary of the release of Christmas Vacation.

Is Ellen Latzen married? Who is her husband?

As far as we know, Ellen has not been married to anyone so far. But there is someone she has been dating. She has shared a few loved-up pictures of her and her boyfriend on Instagram.

Ellen Latzen with her boyfriend

According to her Instagram, she has been in a relationship with a guy named Dave Baum. One of her Instagram posts, that she shared in 2017, suggests that she had met Dave in September of 2015. "Two years ago today, I met a guy on the third night of Phish's annual Labor Day run at Dick's," she wrote on the caption. "Little did I know that this chance meeting would change my life. Happy anniversary to My Sweet One. I love you more than I could ever express," she continued.

There has not been any indication of their wedding yet.

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