Everything About Fast N' Loud star Christie Brimberry; Who is her husband? Did she suffer from cancer?

Caption : Christie Brimberry with Aaron Kaufman

Christie Brimberry debuted on Fast N’ Loud in 2012 and her whole life changed after that. She is happily married and is a cancer survivor. Let’s get into details about her personal and professional journey.

Who is Christie from Gas Monkey Garage and Fast N’ loud? Her age, bio

Christie is mostly known for her role at the Gas Monkey Garage and being the only female cast with a larger role on Fast N’ Loud. She was born on March 25, 1972, in the USA. She turned 48 in 2021.

Christie rose to fame by appearing on the reality show Fast N’ Loud. She has spent more than 5 years and being only the female cast she showed everyone that a woman can indeed be successful and involved in a male-dominated industry. Her fans see her as an example of women’s empowerment.

In comparison to other casts, Christie also gets the most attention during the show. She is adorable, calm, and most passionate about cars. She owns a number of vintage cars as well.

Christie has a huge fan following on social media. She has 341k followers as of 2021. Her bold personality, short hair, and tattoo-covered body are very attractive. Find Christie on Instagram as @gmgchristie.

Is Christie from Gas Monkey married again? 

Christie Brimberry husband

Christie is currently married to her second husband named Darren Brimberry. The couple are together for almost two decades now.

Her husband is a famous hairstylist and also a hairdresser of Fast N’ Loud Host Richard Rawlings. Christie went on Instagram in March 2020 to share her love for him on his birthday and uploaded a few pics calling him better half and sunshine.

Some rumors said her husband, Darren, was the one who requested Rawlings to get Christie a job on his show.

Does Christie have children?

Christie has not two or three but six kids of her own. If you don’t believe it, then check out her tweet where she said, Ha! No, I have 6 actual kids of my own!

Her oldest son even has a son which makes  Christie a grandmother along with being a mother and wife. 

Christie Brimberry is a cancer survivor

One of the unforgettable experiences Christie went through was her battle with cancer. She suffered from thyroid cancer, Lymph nodes, and trachea. 

In October 2016, She went into surgery to remove her cancerous lymph node from her thyroid. As part of surgery she also went through chemotherapy.

But, unfortunately, there was a side effect in the procedure. She got her voice box damaged. It lasted for 6 months but all was well in the end. She is cancer-free today and her voice is perfectly fine.

Unlike other cancer patients, Christie did not stay silent. In fact, she went vocal about her condition and what she did to recover. She even asked for funds from the public which helped to cover her medical expenses.

How much does Christie earn? Her net worth

Christie garnered both fame and fortune through the show. According to sources she earns a salary of a whopping $5000 per month. Her income comes from Gas Monkey Garage which she has been working for years now. 

Combining her income, assets, and other sources of income, her net worth is approximately $1.5 million.Before her career started in TV, she worked as a zookeeper.

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