Who is Faye Hadley from All Girls Garage?

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You may know Faye Hadley as the automotive technician from All Girls Garage. But in fact, she is more than just a cast member of a female-dominated television show. Faye Hadley is an entrepreneur and a teacher, who has become a role model for many people. Here’re are some interesting facts about the lady you would love to know. 

Faye Hadley has a degree from Harvard University

Faye was good at her studies from childhood. Her father has a Ph. D. from MIT and that fact influenced her a lot during her teenage. 

She had figured out that she wanted to become a mechanic when she was in middle school. But when she was accepted to Harvard University, she felt like she had to go.

Faye began having an early life crisis after her first term at the university. She was unsure if she had done the right thing by joining the university.

Faye Hadley with her stepdad

“I was walking to my apartment after exams and saw this Volkswagen GTI with a license plate from Alaska. The owner told me he was on a trip around the U.S. and I knew I wanted to do that too,” Faye said to San Antonio magazine. She then dropped all of her classes for the next semester and signed up for as many online classes as she could. She took money from her savings, bought a GTI and went on an epic road trip.

Shortly after she returned to school, her engine blew up but she couldn’t afford to fix it as she was finishing her degree. She managed to get an unpaid internship at a Volkswagen garage. There, she learned to repair engine from a lead mechanic and got a space to work on her engine in exchange for sweeping the floors and emptying the oil drain containers. 

She completed her education at Harvard University in 2010 and earned a degree in Psychology, following which she began working full time as a therapist. But she was not happy. 

Faye Hadley’s mother encouraged her to pursue her dreams

Faye recalls, “My mom pointed out that the times I was happiest was when I was solving a problem with a car. She said, ‘Faye you do not have anything to prove to anyone. You only have one life.’”

The moment changed her life forever. She called her boss to put in her two weeks notice for resignation and moved to Portland afterward to pursue her dreams. But it was not easy for her to find a job as no one would hire her.

Pistons & PIxiedust owner Faye Hadley

Eventually, she once again got a position as an unpaid intern at a garage, where she worked for a year. During this time, she took several classes at the local community college, which helped her in getting a job at a Toyota dealership, where she continued her education and received several certifications through Toyota. 

From there, she was recruited by a well-known local independent shop, which specialized in older vehicles. Hoping to widen her knowledge, she accepted the job. 

She found out that many of her loyal clients followed her to the new garage. This inspired her to launch Pistons & Pixiedust, an auto repair and education foundation “by women, for women” aiming to “bridge the gap between women and their machines.” The shop is located in San Antonio, Texas. 

Faye Hadley’s husband is a wood artist

Faye began a relationship with Brandon Hadley, a wood artist, in late 2015. A year later, they tied the knots on September 25, 2016, which is also Faye’s birthday. 

Faye Hadley and her husband

Faye and Brandon were best friends before turning to husband and wife. Their Instagram showcases numerous loved-up pictures of them which show how much they mean to each other.

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