Why is Garren Stitt leaving General Hospital? Why happened to Oscar Nero on GH?

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Garren Stitt is leaving General Hospital after playing Oscar for over a year. Read on to know what happened to Oscar Nero on General Hospital and why did they kill Oscar on General Hospital. Also find more details on Garren Stitt bio including his age, height, family and Andi Mack.

What happened to Oscar on General Hospital?

Oscar Nero

Fans bid an emotional goodbye to Oscar Nero on May 1, 2019. The young Quartermaine was diagnosed with brain tumor, with only a few weeks of life to live. His death was inevitable, still fans are devastated to see him go. 

But some fans are annoyed at the writers for giving them hope that Oscar would make it only to crush them. Throughout the episode, we are led to believe that there is a miracle waiting to happen. Terry even says that Oscar's tumor is in remission. But Oscar decides its time to let go and he passes away at the end of the episode.

Oscar Nero Quatermaine is portrayed by actor Garren Stitt. Rio Mangini first played the character in 2017. Garren Stitt replaced Mangini as Oscar the same year. Stitt is best known for his appearance in the Disney Channel series Andi Mack. He will be appearing in the final episodes of the series beginning on June 21, 2019.

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Why is Garren Stitt leaving General Hospital?

Garren Stitt

Did you know Garren Stitt is also a musician? The young actor is pursuing music under the stage name Garren Lake. In early 2019, he revealed that he has been working on an album titled Heartbreak Lake. We might get to hear Garren Stitt's new music after he finishes working with General Hospital and Andi Mack.

Since ABC hasn't made an official statement regarding Garren Stitt's departure from the series, fans seem to think that there's more to Oscar Nero. Garren may have filmed more scenes with General Hospital. It's possible that we might see Oscar return to Salem as a ghost or in flashbacks.

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