When is the new season of Forged in Fire coming on the History channel?

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Forged in Fire is a popular reality competition series on the History channel. It has been featuring world-class bladesmiths from around the world competing to create the most iconic blades. The show recently wrapped up its fifth season on December 19, 2018, and fans are already excited to know the premiere date of the new season. Read on to know when Forged in Fire Season 6 is set to return in 2019.

Who will be in Forged in Fire Season 6? Cast & Judges

Considering the fact that Forged in Fire has been working with the same cast and crew over the years, we can predict who will be in and out of the show in the new season.

As usual, we assume that Wil Wills will host the show, although the 2018's spin-off Forged in Fire: Knife or Death was hosted by Bil Goldberg. We also assume David Baker and Doug Marcaida will resume their positions in the judging panel. Judge J. Neilson may or may not return as he was also absent from a few episodes of the last two seasons, during which judges Ben Abbott and Jason Knight had filled in.

The network has not made any official announcement regarding the cast and judges of Forged in Fire Season 6 yet.

Forged in Fire Season 6: Premiere Date and Trailer

While most of the reality shows nowadays are dedicated to a selected few topics, Forged in Fire came forward being completely different from rest of the others. It took a risk in being out of the ordinary and in return, it has received immense love and support from viewers.

Since the show premiered on the History channel on June 22, 2015, it has only been growing big every year. The show's first season contained 8 episodes, season 2 was of 10 episodes, season 3 was of 16 episodes, season 4 was of 23 episodes and season 5 was of a whopping 40 episodes. 

There's no doubt that Forged in Fire has intrigued the audience over the almost forgotten art of smithing. Considering the influence it has on viewers, it is almost sure that the network will pick it for a new season. Like in the previous year, we can expect a new season to start in March of 2019. Having said that, the official airdate is still unclear since the show has not been renewed yet. Forged in Fire Season 6 trailer has also not been released yet.

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  • Don

    Don - Reply

    Please bring back Forged in Fire. It's the one TV show that is my favorite and look forward to every week as a reality show that actually looks REAL and unscripted. I have learned a lot about forging from it as well. --Don Moore

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