Who is Talicia Harte? All about the Last Alaskans cast member's car accident

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Talicia Harte is the daughter of The Last Alaskans members Bob Harte and Nancy Harte. Read on for her short bio, relationship with her father, and the car accident that almost claimed her life. 

Talicia Harte Wiki, bio: Who is Talicia Harte?

Talicia Harte is the only daughter of Bob Harte and his estranged wife, Nancy Harte. She was born in 1984, which means she's in her mid thirties presently. Her exact age has not been revealed yet.

She was raised in the remote Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. She was a rock for her father until his death on July 22, 2017.

Young Talicia Harte

The Last Alaskans star died after a long cancer battle. Season 4 was in production at the time of his passing. The new season returned in late 2018 which showed fans the last moments Talicia spent with her father in their cabin.

Talicia has a daughter named, Carmella. She hasn't revealed much information about who her husband is. 

Talicia Harte car accident details

When she was 22, she got in a serious car accident that almost took her life. On May 14, 2006, Fairbanks Daily reported that Talicia had been recovering after getting in an accident that February. 

Her father, Bob Harte, has spoken about her accident. He revealed that Talicia became disabled after a guy talking on his cell phone crashed into her vehicle. "My daughter is a lot like me. She is a survivor. She's tough as nails. Talicia was a very active young woman but then she had an accident," said Bob Harte in a video. 

Talicia Harte on The Last Alaskans Season 4

Talicia Harte and her mother Nancy

The Last Alaskans Season 4 dealt with the aftermath of Bob Harte's passing. Talicia and Nancy, along with Carmella, visited Bob's cabin to spread his ashes around the area like Bob had wanted. It was filmed between August 2017  and March 2018 but the filming crew went out that summer to film his final days. 

Michael Gara, an executive producer on the show, reveals that The Last Alaskans will focus on Talicia after Bob's death.

"This production has such a strong bond with these characters and they ...told their stories really honestly and respectfully throughout the run of the series, so they have a level of honesty and openness that's unusual. I think that's why people who love the show connect to it so strongly," he added.

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  • DIANA Salyers

    DIANA Salyers - Reply

    I love Talicia and Nancy and feel that they are such a part of this show. I love that they will continue with the show and enjoy seeing them in the future.
  • Per Lageng

    Per Lageng - Reply

    What a shame that accident was! As most of us, we do not know who and what you were until you just showed up in one the programs around Bob. It was obvious that something serious had happened, but I am not to ask what. But such a tough lady as you showed to be it must be sorry to loose your father when the two of you needed each other the most! Hoping at least Carmella is well and as bright as her mother and her grandfather was! What more can I say, other than I give you all my best wishes to you Talicia and Carmella as well as you mother Nancy Harte. Yours cincerely Per Lageng, 1340 Skui, Akershus , NORWAY.
  • Saundra Trouslot

    Saundra Trouslot - Reply

    OMG I love Talicia. She is so beautiful and has such a sweet soul!!

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