Who is Meek Mill's friend Chiko Juan who passed away in Georgia shooting?

Caption : Chiko Juan with his daughter

Chiko Juan is a famous personality from the Hip-Hop community who was recently killed in an Atlanta shooting. He was close friends with rapper Meek Mill and VH1 personality Tommie Lee. Meek and Tommie confirmed the death of Juan by paying him tributes on social media.

Chiko Juan Bio: Age, Family, and Baby Mama

Although details of Chiko are quite low-key, we have discovered some of his vital information. According to reports, Chiko's real name was Peter Vasquez and was 32 years old when he was recently killed in a triple shooting. He was born on June 17, 1986.

Chiko was of Columbian heritage. He grew up in Atlanta, Georgia, and was based in New York and Florida during his later days.

He is survived by his mom and daughter. His mother has not made any appearances on media so far but she was mentioned by Meek in his tweet. The rapper tweeted, "RIP @chiko_juan you fought a long war with the streets I used to be scared of ya sometimes lol I'm sending my prayers to ya mom Rest in peace champ."

mike meel post

VH!'s Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star Tommie Lee took to Instagram to share the beautiful moments she had shared with Chiko. She seemed inconsolable as she wrote "Always told me don't tell you I love you, Show you! You happy now @chiko_juan" on the caption. Her Instagram post had fans speculating that the two were more than just friends. Apparently, Tommie was also close with Chiko's daughter.

Chiko's Instagram reveals that his daughter is Mialani who turned 5 on July 2, 2018. Chiko used to share pictures with his daughter frequently. The baby has her own Instagram as well, which is run by her parents. However, details of the baby mama are obscure.

Chiko Juan was killed in an apartment complex in South Fulton, Georgia

Initially, it was reported that Chiko, along with two other people had gotten into an argument on the night of December 12 at around 9 PM in the apartment situated just west of Atlanta.  According to reports, two other men were injured in the fight.

Authorities had not revealed the deceased person's identity. It became clear that Juan was the one who had died after the outpouring of grief from his close friends on social media. 

Chiko Juan's Instagram post

Recently, on January 2, 2019, Ty Muzik went live on Instagram and confessed that he was responsible for killing Chiko. He maintained that Juan was the first to begin shooting and him killing Juan was an act of self-defense. 

Ty Muzik also revealed that one more person was killed in the shooting and it was his friend, C Money. Juan had shot C Money twice and Ty Muzik four times, leaving him with ruptured lungs and a damaged knee. He confessed in the video that he shot Chiko three times. He also told that Juan's baby mama was in the apartment when the shooting took place. Ty Muzik was hospitalized for 8 days and seemingly, he has not been arrested.

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