Is Michael Strahan leaving Good Morning America in 2019? Where is Michael Strahan now?

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It has been three years since Michael Strahan's departure from Live With Kelly and Michael. Now rumor has it that he's leaving Good Morning America in 2019. Read on to know if this is true and find out where Michael Strahan is now.

Is Michael Strahan leaving Good Morning America?

Michael Strahan has been absent from the co-anchor table at Good Morning America recently. So naturally fans are worried if Michael got fired from the ABC program. Has Strahan changed career paths once again?

We're here to tell you that it is not the case. Strahan is still on GMA but busy hosting the third hour show, Strahan and Sara. Originally titled GMA Day, the show replaced The Chew in September 2018.

Where is Michael Strahan now?

Michael Strahan and Sara Haines

Michael Strahan is currently co-hosting Strahan and Sara (previously GMA Day) with former The View host Sara Haines. The show was launched back in September 2018 to expand the flagship morning program, Good Morning America. GMA Day received a makeover in early 2019 when it was renamed to Strahan and Sara. 

Variety reported in January that Strahan had been working on the afternoon show on his day off. He usually got Mondays off on Good Morning America to recuperate from his hosting duties on Fox Sports. Strahan and Haines are trying to bolster the network's stature in terms of rating and revenue against rivals such as NBC. 

A few weeks after GMA Day kicked off, it was rumored that the network bosses weren't happy with how the show was doing. Tabloids speculated that Michael Strahan was on his way out from the show. But as we all know, that never happened and the duo are going stronger than ever.

In addition to Strahan and Sara, Michael is continues to appear on Fox Sports' Fox NFL Sunday.

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