What happened to Morgan Fairchild (Anjelica Deveraux) on Days of Our Lives? Where is she now?

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Veteran actress Morgan Fairchild appeared in the role of Anjelica Deveraux on the NBC soap, Days of Our Lives, in the summer of 2017. She left the show within a few months. So where is Morgan at present? What is she up to? Read on to get the answers.

Morgan Fairchild was on Days of Our Lives for 17 episodes

Morgan’s character, Anjelica Deveraux, was brought back to the canvas on June 14, 2017, after 26 years. The role was previously portrayed by Judith Chapman from 1989 to 1991. 

In fact, the role was originated by Jane Elliot in 1987. She was replaced by Shelley Taylor Morgan in 1989 and shortly afterward, Judith took over the role. 

When Morgan was hired to play the role in 2017, the storylines revealed that Anjelica was scheming against Adrienne. However, she ended up falling prey of her own schemes. 


Here’s what happened - Morgan teamed up with Hattie Adams and Bonnie Lockhart to take revenge on Adrienne. Bonnie was Adrienne’s doppelganger but she was in prison. So Hattie took Adrienne to the prison where Bonnie was locked up and made the switch. 

Anjelica ordered Bonnie to impersonate Adrienne and break up with Lucas. She also ordered Bonnie to get back with Justin. But Bonnie did just the opposite of what was ordered to her by sleeping with Lucas instead. 

This led to an intense argument between Anjelica and Bonnie. Meanwhile, Hattie and Bonnie threatened Anjelica to turn her over to the police. They threatened her to use the binder of notes she had given to them as evidence. Ultimately, Anjelica and Bonnie had a fight over the binder, during which Angelica suffered a heart attack and died.

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Where is Morgan Fairchild now in 2019?

Morgan, at 69, is still active in the industry although not as much as in the past. 

Morgan appeared in two movies - Scales: Mermaids Are Real and You’re Gonna Miss Me - the same year she landed the role on Days. 

The following year, she appeared in two more movies such as All Good Things and My Perfect Romance.

Morgan Fairchild age

This year, recently in April, she made a guest appearance on the reality TV series, Worst Cooks in America. She appeared on the April 7th episode, the 5th run of the celebrity edition of the show. The episode also marked the premiere of Season 16 of the long-running reality show. 

Notably, Morgan has also dedicated herself to causes much bigger than Hollywood. She is a Democrat, actively contributing to the campaigns of well-known politicians like Hillary Clinton, John Kerry, Howard Dean and Dick Gephardt. A consistent critic of Donald Trump, Morgan has been using her Twitter account to call attention from the public to various pressing issues.

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