A look back at Kristoff St. John’s journey as Neil Winters on The Young and the Restless

Caption : Kristoff St. John has passed away

Kristoff St. John’s untimely death has taken a toll on everyone. He was a legendary soap opera actor, whose contribution to the field was countless. Here’s everything to know about the actor and his journey on The Young and the Restless.

Kristoff St. John was on The Young and the Restless for 25 years

St. John joined the Y&R cast team in 1991. He originated the role of Neil Winters on the soap, which turned out to become the most popular role of his career. 

When Neil first appeared on Y&R, he was a rising Jabot Cosmetics executive trainee. Although Neil was good at his works, he had always found it difficult to settle in his personal life. 

Over the years, he had had relationships with various women such as Drucilla, her sister Olivia, Victoria Newman, Carmen Mesta, Karen Taylor, Tyra Hamilton, Sofia Dupre, Leslie Michaelson, and more. However, his pairing with Drucilla was the most famous one among the viewers. 

While Neil did not actually have any arc-enemies like that of Victor Newman and Billy Abbott, Neil did have animosity with his half-brother, Malcolm Winters.

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When Malcolm arrived in town in 1994, he began an affair with Dru, who was still married to his brother. Dru became pregnant and they decided to allow Neil to raise the baby in order to keep their affair a secret. The baby is born and they named her Lily, whose paternity is revealed in 2006. It turns out that Malcolm is the biological dad of Lily, following which Neil and Dru end their marriage for the second time. 

Neil and Dru came together after their foster son Devon Hamilton suffered a crisis. Devon loses his hearing ability after surviving meningitis. He has a cochlear implant surgery to overcome deafness, following which Neil and Dru legally adopt him.

Neil Winters on Young and the Restless

After the death of Dru, Neil became involved in various relationships. His relationship with Sofia Dupre resulted in the birth of Moses, following which they became married. Sofia divorced him when he became attracted to another woman named Harmony.

During the last years, Neil also had a complicated relationship with Hilary Curtis. He eventually accepted Hilary and Devon’s relationship as well. 

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Recalling Neil Winter’s final episode on The Young and the Restless

Kristoff, who was on a break from the daily soap, confirmed on Twitter in December 2018 that he would soon return to the soap. He also began filming his scene. Unfortunately, before the episode aired, the actor passed away. St. John was discovered dead in his San Fernanda Valley home on February 3, 2019.

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Y&R aired the last episode of the late star three days after his passing, that was February 6. The network then aired a special tribute to him on February 8.

Kristoff St. John

On his last appearance on Y&R, Neil talked about the importance of family. He was shown encouraging Ana Hamilton, the sister of Devon, to move in with her brother to help him overcome the grief of Hilary’s death. On his last episode, he attended Devon’s music event as well. He shared his last words with his son Devon and his words were “Because that’s what family does…”

How did Neil Winters die on the Young and the Restless?

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