What is Jasmine Minor doing after leaving WCPO? Is she dating anyone?

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Jasmine Minor is a three times Emmy nominated investigative reporter and an Emmy-winning reporter. She is especially known for her coverage stories that impact from small communities to the white house. Here’s everything you need to know about Jasmine and her family and what she is doing now. Also, find out whether she has a boyfriend or is already married. 

Jasmine Minor Age bio wiki

Jasmine Minor is especially known as an investigative reporter, fill- anchor, and morning reporter. According to her Instagram, she is 27 years old and will be 28 in August. This is how she celebrated her last birthday and thanked everyone for their love. 

Minor was also a former division 1 tennis player when she was in university but decided to change her career in a different field. After athletics, she wanted to do something like storytelling which quickly brought her love to journalism.

In 2017, she received a master's degree in broadcast journalism from Northwestern (Medill) University. And she even graduated in the top ten percent of her class. She even shared her graduation photo through her Instagram and if you go and check you are going to read a very emotional story in her caption.

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Her Instagram handle is @JasmineMinor  with more than 2k followers.

Jasmine covers real social issues and justice stories which is why people adore and respect her. In 2018, she was awarded a Regional Emmy for an Investigation Series highlighting a broken system in the Department of Children and Families through the eyes of one young girl and nominated twice again for Regional Emmy in 2020.

Go to Jasmine Minor personal blog to find out more about her life and projects.

Jasmine Minor’s family 

Jasmine Minor was born to her father Kevin Minor and mother Michelle Minor. She is very close to her parents and has a sister named Brienne Minor. Her mother shared these beautiful pictures of her daughters on her Instagram and she calls her baby girls Jas and Brie in short. Here's a family picture of Jasmine supporting her and being there for her when she received an Emmy.

It is quite unsure whether Jasmine is single or in a relationship. But we don’t think she has married yet. 

Jasmine Minor's news reporting history

Jasmine’s work in the journalism field is more than just investigating and reporting. She also worked in production, print, broadcast, and digital. In 2014 she worked as a video production intern then it was in 2017 when she was working as a news reporter for Medill news service and reporter in WFTX FOX 4. After that, she was a morning news reporter for WCPO-TV.

Jasmine Minor is leaving WCPO-TV

On Wednesday, April 2021, Jasmine left the station and now she is no longer working for WCPO. This might be saddening news for the viewers of the show unless they know about her project. She has already headed to a new opportunity right after.

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Jasmine Minor Launches 'Everything We Can't Say'

Jasmine decided to start her project 'Everything We Can't Say' when she was in a Channel 9 meeting last summer after George Floyd’s death. When an assignment prevented her from attending a normal regular meeting of the station's committee on diversity and inclusion, she wrote a letter to the group. And this platform is exactly about reading powerful letters from photographers, producers, managers, and especially black journalists like her which is unread and unheard. Minor says, 'Everything We Can't Say' is a video blog and podcast platform to give people of color a voice 

Everyone can submit their first-person anonymous letter through the website about their experiences so that the public can hear the very real raw and unfiltered perspective of what doesn't make it on the front page. In her blog, she writes she wants to start a national conversation so that there can be a change for the better.

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