All Girls Garage Cast - Where are they now? 2021 Updates

Caption : All Girls Garage cast in 2021

The American TV show All Girls Garage features three powerful women who work together in an automotive car shop. The show is not only about showcasing women’s talent but it also teaches other people about automotive mechanisms while proving that the mechanical industry is not only for men.

Keep reading to know everything about All Garage Girls cast members Sarah “Bogi” Lateiner, Cristy Lee, Faye Hadley, and late Jessie Combs. Are all the three members still on the show? Where are they now in 2021? Also, find out the famous location of All Girls Garage. 

Where is All Girls Garage located? New season updates

It was in 2012 when the first episode of All Girls Garage aired on Motor Trend. The show now has a total of 9 seasons. The show's location is in Phoenix, Arizona, where the shooting takes place in a repair shop. However, it is not just any repair shop. Sarah, one of the stars in the show who owns Bogi's Garage, is the famous repair shop where all the shooting takes place.

All Girls Garage cast

Who is Sarah “Bogi” Lateiner? Who is she married to?

The owner of Bogi’s Garage, Sarah 'Bogi' Lateiner is a leading cast member in the show, All Girls Garage. She was born on December 15, 1977, in Flushing, Queens. This 44-year-old lady is mostly known by her nickname Bogi (meaning leader), which was given to her by her friends. In the 2020 pandemic, Sarah celebrated her birthday with two homemade cakes and she thanked all the well-wishers on her Instagram.

Before pursuing a career in automotive, her parents wanted her to study law and so she did. She majored in Pre-law and Politics, along with Women Studies. It was when she lost her older sister, Jenny, in a car accident when her interest turned towards cars and mechanics. She then joined Universal Technical Institute, against her parent's wishes, and studied mechanics. 

Today Lateiner is not only a certified mechanic but also an entrepreneur, reality star, and the owner of a successful garage. Additionally, she runs a website called where she offers scholarships to needy women interested in the automotive line. 

She has won two awards to date. One of them is Female Service Shop Owner of the Year and the second is WP Carey School of Business-Impact Award.

She is mostly active on Instagram and if you follow her there, you will know how attached she is with her work which has helped her in accumulating an attractive sum of net worth. Sources claim that she has a net worth of more than $5 million as of 2021.

She is not married to anyone and does not have any kids yet.

Who is Cristy Lee? Where is she now?

Cristy Lee was the co-host of All Girls Garage but is no longer working on the show. She was born in October 1986 in Florida. Till the age of 35, she has done everything from being a dancer, actress to journalist, host, and a mechanic too. Along with that, Lee is also a motorcyclist, mountain biker, and mini-motor racer.

Cristy is the only child of her parents - Barry MacCoy and Jean MacCoy. She is very close to her parents, mostly her father as both of them share the same passion for cars.

Cristy Lee and her father

Although several sources state that she left All Girls Garage for a break, it seems like she left the show for a new opportunity. It is already confirmed that Lee is co-hosting another television show, The Garage Squad. 

Cristy is not married yet and prefers keeping her personal life out of the media. Speaking of her net worth, this woman is rocking financially. Reportedly, she has a net worth of more than $13 million. 

Who is Rachel DeBarros? Where is she now?

Rachel DeBarros was also a cast member of All Girls Garage. She was also an executive producer of the show. She was born in August 1978 and even though her family is Brazilian, she holds American nationality.

Growing up with an electrician father and an uncle who was the owner of an auto body repair shop, she became interested in cars and mechanics from a young age.

rachel de barros

Rachel co-hosted All Girls Garage alongside Cristy Lee and Bogi for a total of five seasons. However in 2019, in order to concentrate on her other companies, she left the show

What happened to Rachel De Barros from All Girls Garage? Where is she now?

Today, Rachel is a TV host, producer, VR creator, and on-air maker-DIY expert. Talking about her net worth, she has an estimated net worth of around $1 million.

She also runs a YouTube channel called Gearhead Diva which she started before appearing on the show. You can also follow her on Instagram at @rachel_debarros to watch more of her projects.

Who is Faye Hadley? Who is she married to?

Faye Hadley is an automotive technician, engineer, and entrepreneur. She joined All Girls Garage during its second season and is still an integral part of the show.

All Girls Garage cast member Faye Hadley

Apart from being a cast member of the All Girls Garage, Faye owns Piston and Pixie Dust repair shop in Texas. She is also the founder of an organization called Woman and Machine. 

Like other co-stars of the show, she was also little when she discovered her interest in cars. Faye has mentioned that her parents have always been encouraging and supportive. In fact, Hadley's motivation always came from her father, who holds a Ph.D. degree in psychology from Harvard. 

Faye Hadley has a degree from Harvard University

As of today, Faye is the only AGG cast member who has a husband. After dating for a year, she married Brandon Hadley in 2016. Talking about her net worth, it is estimated to be around $65,000.

Who was Jessie Combs? What happened to her?

Jessie Combs (July 27, 1980 - August 27, 2019), who was one of the casts of All Girls Garage, died in 2019 when she crashed her jet-powered car. If she was alive today she’d be 41 years old. On the day she died, she was attempting to break a land speed record in Alvord Desert, Oregon, which she did but died instantly after the crash.

jessie combs

In June 2020, Guinness World Records awarded her the female land-speed world record, and is known to this day for having been the fastest woman on four wheels. 

In 2014, Combs left All Girls Garage to pursue her other personal interests, which included racing. She died doing exactly her favorite thing and fulfilling her dream. 

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