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Netflix has a lineup of holiday movies for the audience this season. Starting from December 1st till the end, Netflix is releasing over 80 movies, ranging from sci-fi and fictional horror to romantic fantasy and action movies. One such movie is A Cinderella Story: Christmas Wish, a teen comedy musical film, which will drop on Netflix on the very first day of December, along with 11 other movies. Starring in the movie, are a bunch of talented actors, including When Calls the Heart famed Johannah Newmarch. If you wish to know more about Johannah, here’s a detailed wiki.

Johannah Newmarch has a 21-year-old daughter

It might surprise you but it’s true that Johannah is a mom to a 21-year-old girl. Her daughter’s name is Sophia Trisoglio and she talks a lot about her kid on Instagram.

johannah newmarch sophia trisoglio

Sophia celebrated her 21st birthday on May 4, 2019. The proud mom took to Instagram to posted a throwback picture of the two from 2000 and wrote in the caption, “Flashback Friday. Me and my munchkin circa 2000. You wake up one day and they’re 21... sigh. Life is but a dream.”

A few days later, on May 14, Johannah shared another proud moment of her life. Sophia had graduated that day. Newmarch shared a beautiful picture of her daughter and wrote, “Proud mom here! Congratulations to my amazing daughter on completing the third year of her History of Art degree at the University of Edinburgh. A beautiful city for a beautiful lass!”

Apparently, Johannah is a single parent. She has not revealed any information about Sophia’s father. However, it looks like she is in a relationship as of late. 

johannah newmarch family

Back in January 2018, Sophia shared a photo of her with her mom and a man named Lucas Wolf. Sophia’s relationship with Lucas has not been confirmed but it looked he could be her mother’s boyfriend. 

Johannah Newmarch is playing the wicked stepmom in "A Cinderella Story: Christmas Wish"

Johannah has said in an interview that she was a passionate dancer from a young age. She trained in classical ballet for about 8 years at Royal Winnipeg Ballet School. She was inspired to pursue ballet after watching a movie called The Turning Point. The movie made a real impression on her and she told her mother that she wanted to take dance lessons. 

She was serious about dancing for several years but eventually, she realized that she wasn’t enough passionate about it. She knew that she still loved performing but not as a dancer anymore.

That’s when she began taking acting classes at about 15. She did quite well through her late teens and early twenties but she got a bit disillusioned once again and left acting too. But unlike in the past, she made a comeback in the acting world after an entire decade.

johannah newmarch wcth

Newmarch tells us that it wasn’t her best idea to leave acting at such age but it taught her many life lessons. Meanwhile, she got to pursue other interests during that time and spent a lot of time with her daughter.

Johannah returned to the industry in her 30s and thankfully, she has had a steady career. She has become a renowned Hallmark actress and has earned herself a net worth of $500,000 so far. 

Best known for appearing as Molly Sullivan on When Calls the Heart, Newmarch has worked on various other Hallmark movies like Mrs. Miracle and It’s Christmas, Carol. Besides, she is also renowned for her stint in Garage Sale Mystery and Pretty Little Dead Girl, the later one earning her a nomination for a Leo Award for Best Supporting Actress in a TV Movie. 

Look forward to watching Johannah play the role of wicked stepmom, Deirdra Decker, on A Cinderella Story: Christmas Wish.

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Everthing to know about Netflix Christmas movie "A Cinderella Story: Christmas Wish"

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