Netflix's The Chosen One (O Escolhido) star Alli Willow Wiki: Know her boyfriend, family, movies, age

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Alli Willow is the star of the Brazilian Netflix original series The Chosen One, also known as O Escolhido. The Chosen One season 2 dropped on Netflix in November 2019. Here's everything we know so far about Alli Willow. Read on to know if she has a boyfriend, her age, movies and TV shows,  nationality and her Instagram.

Alli Willow Wiki: Know her age

Actress Alli Willow

Alli Willow's age isn't really disclosed, but according to this interview, the talented actress is 29 years old. And if you're confused about her nationality because of her fluent Portuguese and English, she's actually French American. She considers herself a "citizen of the world."

Willow was born in Paris. Both of her parents were working in the film industry so she grew up on sets. A natural performer, Willow would put on performances after every dinner. She went to the Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute. 

When she told her father that she wanted to become an actress, her father said, "you’ll have to study for the rest of your life." And that's what she did. According to her alumni spotlight page on her school website, the late Irma Sandrey was a mentor to her. 

Willow is best known for her role in the Brazilian film, Bacurau.

Alli Willow on Netflix's The Chosen One 

The Chosen One is one of Alli Willow's two recent big projects. The Netflix series aka O Escolhido is an adaptation of the Mexican series Niño Santo. It follows three doctors who go to a small Brazilian city to vaccinate the people against  a virus. But they come across a cult leader known as The Chosen One who claims to have powers that can cure his followers. Willow portrays Angelina, The Chosen One's right hand. 

The Chosen One stars Brazilian actors Paloma Bernardi, Pedro Caetano, and Gutto Szuster as the doctors and Renan Tenca as The Chosen One.

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Is The Chosen One renewed? When is The Chosen One Season 2 coming?

The first season of The Chosen One dropped on Netflix on June 28, 2019. The six episode series received mixed reviews and currently has a 5.9/10 rating on IMDb. But don't worry! A second season is on the way.

The Chosen One was renewed for a second season and it might drop sooner than you expected. You could be watching The Chosen One Season 2 as early as late 2019! We'll keep you updated on the official The Chosen One Season 2 release date. So check back for more news!

The Chosen One 2 Cast: Alli Willow returning as Angelina

The Chosen One cast

The Chosen One season 1 ended with two of the doctors planning to go back to the cult to discover how Escolhido is curing his followers. Paloma Bernrdi, Pedro Caetano and Gutto Szuster are set to reprise to their roles as the doctors Lúcia Santeiro, Damião Almeida, and Enzo Vergani respectively.

Obviously Renan Tenca has to be back as the antagonist. Also back for Season 2 are Alli Willow, Tuna Dwek, Lourinelson Vladmir, Francisco Gaspar, Kiko Vianello, Aury Porto and Mariano Mattos Martins. Mexican Brazilian actress Giselle Itié will be joining the cast for The Chosen One Season 2. Similar to Season 1, The Chosen One Season 2 will have 6 episodes, each 45 minutes long.

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