Who is Jordan Pickford’s girlfriend Megan Davison? Are they engaged/married?

Caption : Jordan Pickford and Megan Davison

England goalkeeper Jordan Pickford has always been open about his relationship with Megan Davison since the beginning. Megan is always spotted supporting her man and their relationship dates back to their childhood days. They seem seriously committed to each other but what are their plans for the wedding? Are they engaged? Here’s everything you need to know.

Megan Davison flaunts her engagement ring

Jordan and his childhood sweetheart Megan Davison have been happily engaged for over two years now. Megan was first seen with a gorgeous engagement ring during the world cup In Russia, and that was when their engagement became official.

Jordan Pickford's fiancee Megan Davison

In this picture that Megan shared on her Instagram, she wrote, “Before and after [penalty shootout].” But fans were quick to notice the ring she was flaunting and it became official that Jordan had proposed to his girlfriend. 

Jordan and Megan were only 16 and 14, respectively, when they first met in school. They have been together since then.

Is Megan Davison married to Jordan Pickford? Do they have children?

After being together for nearly a decade, Jordan and Megan have now tied the knot. Sources state that this couple casually just went out one day and tied the knot at the registrar’s office. 

Sources also said that they wanted a low-key wedding. There were a total of only 5 witnesses in the room, and it included their son, Arlo, as well. Megan gave birth to Arlo in 2019 and shared the news on her Instagram with her gorgeous pregnancy photoshoot. 

Jordan Pickford's girlfriend Megan Davison pregnant

The couple is very protective of their child. They don't like sharing pictures of the kid on social media. Thus, all the pictures Megan uploads with their son either have the baby’s face blurred or the baby is looking in another direction.

The couple had planned a wedding in the Maldives for 2020 but it got canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic. Although they tried to re-arrange their wedding, it was once again postponed due to the pandemic. 

Rumors have it that they are now planning a wedding for 2022 and we cannot be more excited for them.

Megan Davison short bio

As we already know how Jordan and Megan met and got married, let’s dig in deeper to know who Megan Davison really is.

Megan was born on March 29, 1996, in Sunderland and as of 2021, she is 25 years old. After leaving school, Megan enrolled in a three-year course at the University of Sunderland. When she was in her first year, her future husband, Jordan, was playing for Preston North End. They were in a long-distance relationship for a long time.

After Megan graduated, the pair decided to move in together. Jordan shared the picture of them on his Instagram congratulating Megan on her graduation, mentioning how proud he was of her.

Jordan Pickford with Megan Davison

From what we’ve seen on her Instagram handle, Megan loves holidays, traveling, parties, and hanging out with her man and friends. You can check her Instagram at @megan_davison_ to see more glamorous pictures of her.

Megan recently uploaded a picture of her wearing a shirt with her husband’s name on the back while Arlo’s shirt displayed “Daddy.” In the caption, she wrote, "Ready to go see Daddy yesterday #it’scominghome" 

Jordan Pickford's fiancee and child

Jordan also shared the victory picture on his Instagram and mentioned that it was a great start to the tournament. 

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