What happened to Jen Carfagno of the Weather Channel? Jen Carfagno 2021 updates

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Long-time viewers immediately noticed that American meteorologist and weather reporter Jen Carfagno was missing from The Weather Channel(TWC). Jen is mostly known for her way of conveying important information on the screen and her calm attitude makes her more admirable in front of the viewers of the show. But recently many questions arose and everyone desperately wants to know whether she'll be back or not.

To find out keep reading because we will explain to you what happened to Jen Carfagno and where she is now. Also, get 2021 new updates on her marriage/divorce with her husband. 

Jen Carfagno Bio: age, height

Jen Carfagno was born on the 19th of July, 1979. She is a very bold and passionate person when it comes to work and besides that, she looks very young compared to her age. She is going to turn 42 in 2021 and we heard that she is looking forward to the big day this year. 

Jen also has a beautiful family of four so on top of her career she is a doting mother and wife. 

As you see Carfagno has such a gorgeous and eye-catching body that many women dream of, plus her incredible height which is 5 ft 5 inch makes it even more attractive.

Jen Carfagno salary and net worth

Many are wondering how much this American meteorologist is making a year. Well, our sources say that Jen’s salary is approximately $25,000 monthly so summing up her salary including other sources of income and assets her total net worth becomes approximately $1.5 million.

Who is Jen Carfagno’s husband? Are they divorced?

Jen Carfagno husband

Jen got married in the mid-2000s after dating for a while to her then-boyfriend now-husband Neil McGillis. Jen and Neil kept a secret wedding and are today beautifully blessed with two amazing daughters, Natalie and Kelly. Hence according to our sources, the 4-member family resides in Atlanta, Georgia. 

On National Daughter’s Day, Jen shared a picture with her daughters on her Instagram and after looking at that photo you can tell that they are going to look just like their mom in the future.

Jen has also been smoothly handling work-family pressure together and for that, she gives credits to excellent genetic makeup and being happy in life.

However, In the past, there were some rumors of Jen filing a divorce from her husband, Neil. The divorce news was however found to be untrue after much speculation and in fact, the pair is inseparable. Later in life when Jen retires from her job she wants to live in a beach house with her husband.

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What happened to Jen Carfagno? is she leaving the Weather Channel?

The Weather Channel viewers have missed the meteorologist as she was absent from the screen for a few weeks. And many are curious to know what happened to her?

Let us tell you at first that she is not going anywhere away from the weather channel. But due to some changes by The Weather Channel, especially in AMHQ (America’s Morning Headquarters), there have been some switches and changes in anchors and the show’s schedule. Though it led people to know if Jen might be gone from the show, the good news is that she is staying on the weather channel with AMHQ and we can still see her on-screen.

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Where is Jen Carfagno now?

Early June, Jen was excitedly seen enjoying the sun and summer on the beach. She shared some of her holiday snaps on her Instagram and even shared pictures of her reading books.

But now she is back to AMHQ and she shared the updates of the new schedule of the extended broadcast on her Instagram. She also mentioned that she will be kicking off the early hour with her new co-anchor, Alex Wallace, every weekday. 

Jen Carfagno meteorologist background

Before even thinking of being a meteorologist, she had another big dream. Her dream was to become a pilot but suddenly one day the dream of flying planes directly incited her curiosity in the weather. As she grew watching weather reports, she then became more interested in weather and decided to abandon the piloting dream. She went to become a meteorologist and began to follow her new dream.

Even in her years of schooling, she woke very early to conduct a study of the weather, and then in higher education at the university, she received an opportunity of internship from The Weather Channel. 

During this particular period, she enhanced the screens as an on-camera trainee meteorologist whereas years later, she landed a position in the same company.

Jen Carfagno's positive obsession with the weather, especially the dew point measurement, even earned her the glamorous nickname ‘Dew point Diva’.

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