Everything you need to find about Kylie Cantrall? Does she have a boyfriend in 2021?

Caption : Kylie Cantrall

From a YouTube vlogger to actress and now social media like TikTok and Instagram celebrity, Kylie Cantrall seems to know how to achieve fame and success in her career. The multi-talented teenager, Kylie is an international sensation with millions of fans, followers, and proud parents. In fact, her parent’s especially her father named Alex Cantrall plays a huge part in Kylie’s life and growing career. If you are wondering what her parents do then keep reading to find out. Along with that Kylie is also living with an amazing income and lifestyle. Let’s get to know about what Kylie does and how she got famous. Most recently her new music video switch phone has been out.

Who is Kylie Cantrall? Her age, bio

Kylie Cantrall is a 15-year-old star born in June 2005 in Los Angeles, California. She is an actress, singer, dancer, and social media personality. Kylie is mostly known for her Disney show Gabby Duran & the Unsittables. But she began to get famous way before that through her YouTube channel named Hello Kylie. Kylie is quite a YouTube sensation now and even then when she was only 8 years old.  In between, she did guest appearances in Disney shows, sang cover songs and original singles, and filmed her own music video. Check out her YouTube channel hello kylie renamed as Kylie Cantrall now. You can also find Kylie on Instagram as @kyliecantrall.

Who are Kylie Cantrall’s parents?

Kylie Cantrall Alex Cantrall

Kylie got exposed to the industry with arts, music, and dance through her parents. Her father is Alex Cantrall, the songwriter/ music producer, and her mother is Carol Borjas, a dancer. She is much close to her father. Her father is also very proud of her. On Alex’s Instagram account, his bio says Father of Kylie with the link to her new song.  Her father is also the one currently helping her with her music career.

Since Kylie was young, she went to accompany her parents on their dance rehearsals, shows, and recording session respectively. She got chances to meet famous personalities from the industry. Thanks, to Kylie’s parents’ profession that she got an easy road in her career.

What is Kylie’s net worth in 2021-2022?

The net worth of Kylie till the end of December 2021 is around $400 thousand dollars. Kylie has multiple sources of income at a young age like many rich people. She earns through live performances, social media advertisements, monetized content of YouTube, songs, music videos, and so on. The main source of her income as of now is acting.  Kylie is hoping to have a much higher career so there's no doubt that her net worth will double in 2022.

Is Kylie dating anyone? Who’s her boyfriend?

Kylie is not only young to be dating but she also has her protective father by her side. Her father who is famous in the music industry knows how relationships can ruin someone’s career especially when an artist is young and vulnerable. Kylie could also not date anyone like most of the singers and actors because of their agreement with their labels and managers. So, there have not been any rumors of Kylie having an affair but if you are wondering about Kylie’s sexual orientation then she is straight.

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