Meet Mike Hall's son Connor Hall from Rust Valley Restorers. Is Connor engaged to his girlfriend in 2021?

Caption : Connor Hall is engaged

History channel’s Canadian documentary series Rust Valley Restorers has been in hype for the last two years for its less drama, banter, recaps, and more work, entertainment, and fun. The three-season series stars Mike Hall, Connor Hall, and Avery Shoaf with a couple of crew members. It received so much love and respect that people who are not even interested in cars are also loving it. The show focuses mainly on car restoration but the father and son duo, Mike Hall and Connor Hall did catch much attention from their relationship. Many know Mike Hall ( British cyclist, and race organizer) through his previous career but not much his son is Connor Hall. Let’s find out about Connor Hall’s life. Girlfriend and career.  What is his role on Rustbros?

Who is Connor Hall? What does he do for a living?

Connor Hall is a  reality tv drama star and the one and only son of Mike Hall. He is currently starring on Rust Valley Restorers as a mechanic. Hall is from Tappen, British Columbia, and looking at his pictures, he seems to be in his late twenties or early thirties. 

Some people say Connor is still sorta new when it comes to working on vehicles. In the past, he only had his hand on small projects but in the show, we can see him performing on some major auto mod stuff. Connor might be proving people wrong. However, it is true that he still has yet to work into serious and bigger stuff like his father.

Get closer looks at Connor’s work from his Instagram account. His Instagram handle is @rustbrosconnor.

What does Connor Hall do on Rust Valley Restorers?

If you have watched the show, then you might know till now that Connor is not a big part of the show. Although he calls himself a mechanic, he is not really huge on the technical side. Although Connor does have a deep eye on his profession.  He handles clients and looks after the operational side of the business.

He does some indirect accounting too on the show. He makes sure there are fewer losses. In fact, in an episode we see him keeping an eye on his father so that there is a balance in expenses.

Connor's girlfriend/ fiancee; Is Connor married to his partner?

Connor Hall with Jada Mazikeen

If you hadn't previously followed Connor then let us tell you he has always been quite a private and reserved person. He wouldn't spill anything about his personal life especially when it comes to relationships. But since last year there have been quite changes in him. He is now more open and sharing publicly about his love life.

Connor has been dating a beautiful lady for a while now. Her name is Jada Mazikeen. In fact, Connor and his partner Jada are not only just dating but even engaged to each other in 2021. Connor surprised his fans on his Instagram with an engagement announcement early this year with a hilarious caption. He said, Well at least she didn't say no!!! Maybe it was hard. Kidding @jada.mazikeen. Now you're stuck with me😊. However, there has been no news about the couple's wedding but Jada does call herself the wife of Connor on her Instagram bio.

Connor and his father’s Mike Hall: relationship

Connor and his dad Mike have a special bond on and off the show. The father and son duo is the favorite part of the show for many viewers. The show’s fans have repeatedly mentioned the two’s incredible bonds and just for that many have respect for them.

Connor and Mike love, have fun, go on trips together, and enjoy each other's company. It seems like they are best friends. Connor even calls his father by his name. Here’s the smiling selfie of Mike and Connor from Connor’s Instagram.

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