Street Outlaws Larry Axman Bio: Who is Larry Axman Roach’s wife & children?

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After experiencing the dominance from the joint force of Oklahoma, Texas, and New Orleans racer, James Goad, a.k.a. The Reaper formed his own team “The Outcasts” consisting of the baddest No Prep racers from around the nation. One of the racers to join the team is Larry Axman Roach, simply known as Axman. Read along to know more about Axman’s personal life, his wife, and children. 

Where is Larry Axman Roach from?

The Discovery’s long-running show, Street Outlaws, focuses on the world of street racing. It follows street racers from around the U.S.A. Although the show mostly focuses on the streets, cars, and racers from Oklahoma, it also tracks down racers from other cities. 

Axman is a racer from outside of Oklahoma, who joined Street Outlaws this season. He is a native of Altavista, Virginia.

Posted by Larry Axman Roach on Sunday, March 11, 2018

He discovered his love for racing when he was around ten years old. He used to watch his cousins race and thought of becoming a racer himself someday. Eventually, he learned to fabricate cars and built his own 1972 Nova.  

He is currently out of his hometown for filming Street Outlaws. His official website states that he will continue filming for the next two months and will return for local racing and other events only after that.

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Who is Larry Axman Roach’s wife, Sarah Mattox Roach?

Axman and Sarah Mattox Roach began dating a long time ago. They became engaged on new year’s day of 2016 and got married in July that year. 

The couple has three children - two sons and a daughter. Their eldest son, Nitro, is currently eleven years old. Their second child, Cam, is seven and the youngest one, Nova, is two years old. 

Back in 2017, Sarah once uploaded a picture on Instagram featuring Axman, their sons, a kid named Ryder and his parents and wrote, “see this? Co-parenting wins.” it is clear that Ryder is a baby from a previous relationship, but whose? We are unsure.

Larry Axman Roach’s wife is the biggest supporter of his racing program

As it is said that every successful man has a woman who has his back, Axman has Sarah, who can be seen lining him up at every race. 

As per Axman, the Bruder Bros. and Team Vixen have been of great help in his racing career but  Sarah glues him with this career. 

“That’s probably the best part of it,” he says. “Because really, that’s the part that people don’t see, is how much she does. She holds it all together, all the way down to loading the car, strapping the car, packing up.”

“Honestly, half the time I’m on the phone trying to keep my business running or dealing with work. She’s packing the luggage, food, making sure I’m on time, everything. And then it’s usually just me and her at the track. I probably couldn’t do it without Sarah. She does a lot more than people see, a lot more,” he added.

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Sarah Mattox Roach is a certified Crossfit trainer

If you follow Axman’s wife on Instagram, you would already know how athletic this lady is. An avid marathon runner and weightlifter, Sarah has maintained a fit lifestyle that she hardly seems like a mother of three children. In April 2020, she also became a certified Crossfit trainer, which she announced via her Instagram handle. 

Besides training, Sarah is involved in a family business as well, a restaurant named Two Sisters Taproom & Deli. Apparently, her father, Mike Mattox, is the owner of the bar. Sarah can be seen frequently promoting the business on her Instagram handle.

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