Where is Doughboy from 'Street Outlaws' today? Doughboy updates 2021

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Doughboy, who has been racing only for a couple of years, is already known for his racing skills and as a street racer. Even being new to racing he collected more wins than losses and today is widely known for his appearance on the show 'Street Outlaws'. But the viewers of the show quickly noticed him missing from many episodes since last year and especially his fans have been wondering why is not on the 'Street Outlaws' anymore. Reports suggest that he is suffering from health and other legal issues whereas some even think he could be in jail. Let’s find out how true this is and what Doughboy is actually doing now?

Where’s Doughboy from ‘Street Outlaws’ now? Did he end up in jail?

Could Doughboy’s being in jail be the reason for his disappearance from the show? Well after his sudden disappearance, viewers started assuming lots of big things and one of them is him ending up in jail. Even if he is really in jail, which is unsure, there's a rare chance of this news to get confirmed.

As we know Discovery makes sure that their channel does not look bad. So it is rare for them to talk about it or put information like this out publicly. Whereas others just assumed that he is at home taking care of his health and his children. 

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What happened to Doughboy from ‘Street Outlaws’?

Rumors are flying everywhere after Doughboy started missing from 'Street Outlaws' and more when people started giving their opinions. However, his health issues are the real reason to be away from the show. It is reportedly stated that he injured a disc on his back and is unable to appear on the show currently. This is also confirmed by his fellow driver JJ Da Boss and so believe his injury is the reason for his missing from 'Street Outlaws'. Like most racers, it is no strange to get into accidents.

But still, people have lots of complaints and nonetheless, his health issue news got confirmed. one person who thinks he can be in rehab after his back surgery might have hooked him on pills.

So it is unsure what is keeping him away from the camera but let’s just pray he is safe and doing what is best for him and his family.

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Doughboy Street Outlaws Memphis: age, wiki family

Doughboy wife

The young street racer Doughboy’s real name is Josh Day born on Dec 13, 1990, in Joiner Arkansas. He is the eldest son of Jonathan Days, leader of the Memphis racing family, no wonder Josh turned into a racer and emulated everything his dad did. In his early days, he spent almost most of his time around racing courses, and only in 2018, he participated in his first real race.

A Doughboy is a family man with his wife Chelsea Day and two lovely children named Kamden and Novaleigh Day. In his last post on Instagram, you can see his two adorable kids celebrating and enjoying Easter day with him. 

Chelsea is not only his wife but also a street racer just like him. Someone on his Instagram even sarcastically commented that his wife is a better racer and wins more races than him. However, they have a very healthy relationship and Josh knows to treat his woman like a queen. 

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