Where is Andy Hillstrand from Deadliest Catch now? Who is his wife?

Caption : Andy Hillstrand

Andy Hillstrand appeared on the Discovery reality television series Deadliest Catch in its second season alongside his brother, Jonathan Hillstrand. There was a time Andy used to be a simple fisherman but his life changed tremendously after joining the show. The brothers are the star of Deadliest Catch and they board their family fishing vessel, FV Time Bandit, their commercial crab fishing vessel.

However, Andy’s departure from the show left fan questions about his retirement. We will tell you why he is not on the Deadliest Catch and where is he now? Also, find out about his wife and net worth.

Andy’s family and Hillstrand brothers


Andy Hillstrand is an American fisherman who was born on 25 September 1963 and grew up in Alaska. Andy is a third-generation Alaskan fisherman which means that his grandfather and father, John Hillstrand were already commercial fishermen. This also makes sense where he got his professional fishing ability from.

He was born as the third of five children from his father and his ex-wife. The Hillstrand brothers are David, Jonathan, Andy Michael, Neal Hillstrand, and Andy himself.

Andy served as a co-captain alongside his brother Johnathan Hillstrand for multiple seasons. The brothers rose to fame through the show and they are grateful for that. They are also responsible for handling their various family businesses under the Time Bandit name.

Who is Andy Hillstrand married to? Does he have children?

Andy is a loyal family man as he is happily married to his wife Sabrina for over 33 years now. They have two grown daughters named Chelsey and Cassandra. One of his daughters also inspired him to learn horse riding which is one of his favorite hobbies now.

Andy gives full credit to his wife for success in their relationship and he credits her as a good partner.

Why is Andy Hillstrand not on Deadliest Catch? Did he retire? 

Andy appears in every season of the show since his debut in season 2 until season 13. When his brother Johnathan decided to retire, It seems like Andy also received an opportunity to step away from the limelight and follow his brother’s path.

Though Johnathan eventually made his return to the show in season 16, fans are hoping Andy will join him as well. However, sources said that Andy did contract the coronavirus so there is very little chance of him coming back.

Where is Andy Hillstrand now?

Andy is living peacefully staying as far away as possible from the spotlight. He now lives somewhere in the Seattle- Tacoma area. He owns a seventeen-acre ranch with his wife, named Hobby Horse Acres where they train horses and also give horseback riding lessons at the ranch.

As a fisherman, he was far from his wife all time so we hope he is enjoying quiet family time away from the turbulent sea.

Follow his private Instagram account to know more about his life and family updates.

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What is Andy Hillstrand’s net worth?

Andy’s hard work resulted in lots of fame and fortune in the entertainment industry. He has an estimated net worth of around $2 million in which he brought more than $13,000 monthly and more than $160 thousand annually. He also has other sources like horse ranches and family-owned businesses which adds income to his wealth.

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