Lyssa Chapman shares daughter's graduation photos amid feud with stepmom Beth Chapman

Caption : Lyssa Chapman family

Fans will know that Baby Lyssa had a little sparring with stepmom Beth Chapman a few days ago. But the Dog the Bounty Hunter star isn't letting a nasty online feud get in way of the celebration of her daughter, Abbie Chapman's, graduation.

Lyssa Chapman celebrates daughter amid feud with Beth Chapman

On May 25, Lyssa took to social media to congratulate her eldest child on her high school graduation. Posting a photo of her daughter, Abbie, Lyssa wrote, "Feels like I saw the past 17 years of, diapers, first words, first steps, boo-boos, summer camps, homework, smilies, tears and everything in between pass before my eyes watching her walk to grab that diploma."

Her post comes after a heated Twitter exchange with her stepmom a few days prior. On Mother's Day, Beth Chapman expressed her sadness on not being acknowledged by Lyssa and also apparently Beth and Dog were also not invited to Abbie's graduation ceremony.

Beth Chapman tweet

Lyssa clapped back promptly, in a now-deleted tweet, writing that she did actually reach out on Mother's Day and did not exclude the grandparents from attending the graduation. She made a point to say that Beth and Dog had no intentions to attend as they were not in Hawaii at the time. 

Beth also claimed that she was blocked on Twitter by Lyssa but Lyssa firmly denied it. Lyssa has deleted her tweets about the whole thing while Beth's still remain up. Who's in the right here? What do you think about this feud? Let us know in the comments below!

While Beth's hurt that she doesn't get much attention from her stepdaughter, she's taking heart that her other children are with her. Her daughter-in-law, Jamie Chapman, reached out on Twitter to support her.

Lyssa is among Beth's stepchildren from Dog that she calls 'bonus' children. She is the ninth of twelve children of Duane Chapman. The former reality star is engaged to her fiancee, Leiana Evensen. 

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