NASCAR racer Ryan Newman seriously injured less than a week after wife Krissie Newman announced separation

Caption : NASCAR driver Ryan J Newman

On Monday, February 17, 2020, NASCAR fans witnessed a breathtaking incident. Prominent NASCAR driver, Ryan Newman, aka Rocket Man, who was also racing at the Monday night’s Daytona 500, got into a serious crash while heading for a victory. Ryan was racing his final lap when his car crashed and burst into flames. The accident took place just days after Ryan Newman and his wife Krissie Newman announced their separation on social media.

Ryan Newman and his wife Krissie Newman announced separation after 16 years of marriage

On Valentine’s eve, Ryan and Krissie both took to Twitter at about the same time to shares the news of their separation. 

Ryan shared a photo message which read, “After 16 years of marriage, Krissie and I have decided to amicably separate. We will continue to jointly raise our girls, while remaining friends and continuing to work together supporting Rescue Ranch. Thank you for the years of support and friendship. We ask that our daughters’ privacy be respected at this time.” Krissie shared a similar post on her Twitter handle.

Ryan and Krissie are parents to two adorable girls, Brooklyn and Ashlyn. Their first daughter Brooklyn, often known by her moniker B, is currently nine years old. She was born on December 17, 2010. Twenty-three months after B was born, the couple welcomed their second daughter Ash on July 16, 2012, who is 7 years old as of now.

B and Ash have a joint Instagram handle managed by their parents, where the siblings share their about their adventures. Apparently, the kids also love animals as much as their parents do. Ryan Newman has a farm in North Carolina where he used to spend a lot of time as a kid. Now he loves spending time at the farm with his daughters.  

Ryan and Krissie have confirmed in their statement that despite the split, they will be working together at Rescue Ranch, a shelter that they operated to “promote, through its education, respect for all animals.” According to the latest report, the couple has been raising a cat and five dogs that they rescued at different times. 

Krissie Newman reacted to husband Ryan Newman’s crash on Twitter

Ryan was leading the final lap at Daytona 500 when his car went spinning and flipping multiple times before exploding into flames. He was rushed to a local hospital in serious condition. Later, NASCAR shared a statement from Roush Fenway Racing confirming that Ryan is out of danger. 

Ford Performance Motorsports global director, Mark Rushbrook, reacted to NASCAR’s tweet as “We had been waiting for information just like everyone else, so to hear some positive news tonight is a relief. Ryan has been an important part of the Roush Fenway and Ford NASCAR program this past year, and he is so respected for being a great competitor by everyone in the sport."

"The entire Ford family is sending positive thoughts for his recovery, but our first thoughts remain with his family and his team,” Rushbrook added. 

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