What happened to Jodi Huisentruit? Who killed her? Was she ever found? New evidence in 2020 documentary

Caption : Jodi Huisentruit

New evidence has been made public in the unsolved case of Iowa journalist Jodi Huisentruit, as seen in the true crime Oxygen documentary, Up and Vanished. What happened to Jodi Huisentruit? Who killed Jodi Huisentruit and was she ever found? Here's everything you need to know about the 2020 Jodi Huisentruit documentary and her family.

What happened to Jodi Huisentruit?

What happened to Jodi Huisentruit

Television news anchor Jodi Huisentruit went missing in the morning of June 27, 1995. She told a colleague that she was going to work. With evidence of struggle outside her home in Mason City, Iowa, it is believed that Huisentruit was abducted. 

Investigation revealed that at least three of her neighbors had heard screams at about the time Huisentruit would have left her home for work. In September that year, her family hired private investigators.

A day before Jodi went missing, she was at an acquaintance's house. John Vansice had videotaped a birthday party that he threw for Jodi a few days before her disappearance. Jodi had been at his house watching the tape the day before she was abducted. Vansice is believed to be one of the last people to see her alive.

Vansice was interrogated many times by the police but there is no evidence of him having committed this crime. As a matter of fact, he has an alibi for the morning Jodi disappeared. According to LaDonna Woodford, Vansice went on a walk with her that morning.

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New evidence in Up and Vanished

The video of the birthday party, which Jodi was allegedly watching with Vansice the night before she went missing, was released for the first time to public in 2020. The video was featured in the true crime documentary series, Up and Vanished, which premiered on February 16, 2020.

According to former FBI profiler Jim Clemente, he noticed John Vansice's expression in the video. “Every time Jodi would dance or spend time with another guy, John would have laser focus on Jodi and whoever she was talking to. He had a really evil look in his eyes like he was really pissed off," he said.

Clemente firmly believed that Vansice was behind Jodi's disappearance. For 24 years, friends and family of Jodi Huisentruit are still in the dark about what happened to Jodi Huisentruit. She was never found and declared legally dead in 2001. Payne Lindsay, the host of Up and Vanished, believes that shows like this can help keep the case alive.

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