Everything you need to know about NBA player Kevin Huerter’s girlfriend, Elsa Shafer?

Caption : Kevin Huerter with his girlfriend

Albany, New York native Kevin Huerter is one of the most noticeable rookies on the NBA court. He is an American basketball player who is getting lots of attention for his skills, talent, height, and his personal life. After making his relationship official with his girlfriend, Elsa Shafer, on Instagram, many people are wondering whether they are familiar with his girlfriend or not. Elsa is not an athlete like his boyfriend but we’ve found out that she has an athletic connection and background. After reading this article you might know her and her family. Also, get updates on Kevin’s basketball career.

When did Kevin Huerter and Elsa Shafer begin dating?

It was around 2018 when the news about Kevin Huerter dating his classmate/friend Elsa Shafer was reported. Both of them were attending the University of Maryland in 2016. Elsa completed her course and graduated whereas Kevin dropped out for his career in the NBA. She shared this picture on her Instagram with Kevin with a cute caption: favorite college dropout.

The pair made their relationship official on Instagram during his birthday in 2018. After her graduation, she moved to Atlanta, Georgia, to be with her man.

Although they have not talked about getting married yet, Kevin has disclosed how strong their relationship is through social media.

The couple went on a trip to Nassau, Bahamas, and clicked this cute selfie on their last day of travel.

Kevin Huerter and Elsa Shafer

Elsa Shafer Short Wiki

Elsa Shafer is the daughter of the former player and American coach, Scott Shafer, whom you might have heard of. She was born as the youngest daughter on March 2, 1998, to her parents Scott and Missy Shafer. She has one elder brother, Wolf Shafer, who is also a football player and assistant football coach following their father’s career. She graduated from the University of Maryland in 2020.

Elsa Shafer with her father

Elsa is active on social media, especially on Instagram. Her Instagram handle is @elsashafer and has more than 3k followers. If you check her profile, which is public, you can see that she has uploaded tons of pictures with her boyfriend, family, friends, and herself. 

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Kevin Huerter's basketball career

The extremely talented Huerter declared eligibility for the 2018 NBA draft and was able to place himself at the NBA in May 2018, which was before his final two years at the university. The same year, the Atlanta Hawks picked him and his persistent effort and awesome game skill led him to officially sign a contract with the Hawks.

Go to Kevin’s Instagram @ kevin_huerte to see his updates on his games.

How Kevin Huerter proved his basketball coach wrong

American college basketball coach, Mark Turgeon, admitted that he honestly didn’t think that Kevin could make a future in the NBA when he recruited him to play at the university. But it wasn't until the latter half of his freshman year that the coach changed his mind and thought he could actually make it in the league.

Kevin Huerter during a match

By the start of his sophomore year, it was evident that not only Huerter could play in the league but he was also ready to drop out from the university for his basketball career. And Kevin Huerter not only ended up being the leading scorer in the game but was also the one who took the Hawks to become the last four teams standing in the NBA.

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