What happened to Brian "Chucky" Davis and his car from Street Outlaws after the accident?

Caption : Brian Chucky Davis and son

Brian Chucky Davis is a known racer of Street Outlaws who does whatever it takes to make the race happen. Brian goes with the motto "red hair doesn’t care" when any challenges come in front of him. His courage has always made him special compared to other street racers. He has faced many difficulties in his career including a car crash. Luckily, he survived. Let’s find out the details of his accident and also about his family and children with whom he spends a lot of time these days.

Brian "Chucky" Davis Bio: How did he get his name Chucky?

Chucky is the team captain of Detroit who formed a reputation as one of the fastest street racers in the country. He is a graduate of Roosevelt High school in Wyandotte. 

Most of the time, people address him by the name Chucky which he picked up himself. According to him, the reason behind the name was his hair. As his red hair is quite similar to the Chucky doll from the horror movie franchise, he decided to take that as his nickname and also named his car the same. Interestingly, he carries the Chucky doll in the car for every race.

Brian Chucky Davis's birthday cake

When he turned 41 this year, his friends and family got him a Chucky doll cake to celebrate his birthday. Though the cake looked scary it was quite delicious, he said.

What inspired Brian "Chucky" Davis to become a racer?

Brian loved being around cars or anything fast since he was a kid. He had dirt bikes, motorcycles, go-karts, anything that had an engine on it. 

His parents, who sadly passed away, were also into racing. After his parents’ death, he moved in with his aunt and uncle, who were also crazy about cars. Brian’s uncle, Mark, owned lots of cars and also took Brian to Detroit drag way. The whole experience with his uncle spiked his interest in racing and becoming a racer.

Young Brian Chucky Davis

At a young age, he sneaked out of the house a lot to go watch street racing and paid some price for it including going to jail and losing a license. He started racing competitively before receiving his diploma. Other times when he is not racing he does plumbing at Davis Plumbing to serve as his day job.

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Brian "Chucky" Davis's car crash details

In 2015, a frightening car crash took place involving public figures of Street Outlaws like Chucky and Big Chief. Fortunately, Brian was not seriously harmed and walked away. He went straight to Big Chief's car to make sure he wasn’t seriously injured too.

After the incident, Brian hugged Big Chief knowing they were alive, and told him how glad he was that they got to see their family. On the other side, Big Chief told the news that no matter how much trash talk gets involved between racers, they still care about their opponents.

Brian Chucky Davis car crash

The day after the accident, Brian went to social media to update his fans on the condition of his custom Mustang, Chucky. He mentioned that the incident resulted in his car's horrible and unrepairable condition. Because now he had to start completely new, he also asked his fans and followers what they would like to see him build next for his Chucky 2.0.

Here’s the picture of his brand new car 69 Camaro that he shared on Instagram which he of course named Chucky. 

Who is Brian "Chucky" Davis married to? Meet his wife and children

Chucky has not shared much about his married life but of course, he is a husband and a father. His lovely wife’s name is Crystal Marie Davis. On August 9, 2019, Brian uploaded a picture of his wife on their anniversary day and wished her with quite a funny and sarcastic caption.

Brian Chucky Davis family

The pair has a 7-year-old son and if you check out his Instagram, you will find out how much time he spends with his son sharing awesome experiences.

How much is Brian "Chucky" Davis’s net worth?

Although Chucky's net worth and assets have not been revealed yet, looking at other cast members of Street Outlaws, we found out that their net worth ranged between $500,000 to $ 2 million. So, we can guess that Brian’s net worth is also between these two figures.

Sources said that as each new season airs, the extra sum of money is added to their salary, which means the racers earn a pretty good paycheck from their races. 

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