NCIS: New Orleans Season 6 Finale Airdate | Will there be another season?

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It has been over five years since NCIS fans were introduced with the show’s third franchise, NCIS: New Orleans. Over the years, NCIS: New Orleans has gone through a lot of changes behind the camera. We know the show is currently on a hiatus after leaving the viewers on a major cliffhanger. But will NCIS: News Orleans return in 2020? Here’s what we know.

NCIS: New Orleans Season 6 Finale: Plot and Airdate

On April 22, 2019, it was announced that NCIS: New Orleans was renewed for the sixth season, which premiered on September 24 that same year. The series aired during the originally scheduled time slot for the first nine episodes then went on a hiatus. 

The series’ latest episode, Requital, aired on December 17, 2019, which showed Dwayne Pride killing Eddie Barrett.

We know Pride is still reeling from the shock of Special Agent Christopher LaSalle’s death. LaSalle died while investigating the drug ring which allegedly caused his brother Cade’s death.

It was not revealed what exactly went down between Pride and Eddie before Pride fatally shot Eddie but it’s clear that Pride wanted to avenge his friend’s death.

Then before the end of the fall finale, Pride hallucinated a man in a red suit. Some fans have suggested that the man is the manifestation of Pride’s conscience while some others believe that the man is a premonition. 

We know Pride has been through intense situations throughout the show but the recent events were too much. The kidnapping, drugging and the shocking death of LaSalle have taken a toll on him. Pride really needs a break from all this drama which is exactly why the fall finale will take a little longer. 

According to the reports, NCIS: New Orlean’s upcoming episode will air on February 16, 2020. The episode is called Bad Moon Rising and it will likely be about Pride and Eddie’s final moments. It means there is still a lot to be figured out on NCIS: New Orleans but with a staple character (Christopher LaSalle) missing from the show, fans are worried that this might perhaps be the final episode of the show.

Will there be NCIS: New Orleans Season 7?

NCIS: New Orleans has decided to take a slightly longer winter break than its franchise shows NCIS and NCIS: Los Angeles, both of which have already returned with new seasons. This has fans wondering whether or not NCIS: New Orleans will be back for Season 7.

Talking of the ratings for this season, NCIS: New Orleans is doing pretty good in the game, although not as good as NCIS. The show garnered an average of 6.69 million viewers during the first nine episodes of Season 6 while the tenth episode garnered 7.05 million viewers. 

Considering the fact that ratings play the most important role in determining whether or not a show should be renewed or canceled, we believe NCIS: New Orleans has got a good chance of returning with a new season. 

However, nothing has been confirmed about NCIS: New Orleans Season 7 so far. We will be sure to update you once any announcement is made.

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