Who is Ashley Dead Eye's friend Jones Ronnie Adams from Swamp People? Is Ronnie Adams married?

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Ronnie Adams and Ashley "Dead Eye" Jones returned for the Season 11 of Swamp People on History Channel in January 2020. Many are wondering who is Ronnie Adams from Swamp People. Here's everything you need to know about Ronnie Adams and the new season of Swamp People. Also find out if Ronnie Adams is married or has a girlfriend.

Who is Ronnie Adams from Swamp People?

Ronnie Adams married

You probably know who Ronnie Adams is. It's hard to miss him if you watch Swamp People on History Channel. Ronnie Adams has teamed up with Ashley "Dead Eye" Jones in Season 11 to curb the growing gator population.

Ronnie Adams's towering 6-foot-5 stature and his determined face make it hard for fans to forget him. The native Louisianan began hunting gators when he was a kid. His grandfather was his companion then. 

Ronnie is particularly known for his sweet talk that he uses with the gators. When he's not hunting gators, you'll find him hog hunting.

Season 11 of Swamp People premiered on History Channel on January 23, 2020. The show follows Ronnie Adams, Ashley "Dead Eye" Jones and the others as they attempt to put an end to the aggressive over-breeding among deadly bull gators. Most of the cast members returned for the premiere episode.

Is Swamp People returning on the History channel for a new season?

Ronnie Adams and Ashley Jones relationship

Ronnie Adams and Ashley Jones aka Dead Eye have teamed up on Swamp People to tackle the growing gator numbers before they get out of control. He affectionately calls her "Che." Here is the story of how they met.

Jones was Facebook friends with Adams before they met in real life. As you know, Adams offers wild hog hunting, which Jones booked for her and her husband, Chad Jones. Ashley had this to say about her first meeting with Ronnie - "We went down there and hog hunted and really got along," Jones said. "He's the kind of person that when you meet him the first time you're like family."

It was Adams who recommended Ashley to the production company that was looking for hunters for Swamp People. In September 2018, Ronnie Adams and Ashley Jones became the cast members of Swamp People. 

What happened to Ashley “Dead Eye” Jones from Swamp People? 2020 Updates

Is Ronnie Adams married? Does he have a girlfriend?

Ronnie Adams family

Fans are eager to know if Ronnie Adams is married or dating anyone at the moment. You'll be glad to know that the gator hunter is taken. He is currently engaged to Jen Smith. According to Jen's Facebook page, they have been in a relationship since March 27, 2019.

And it looks pretty serious since they are already thinking of getting married. Ronnie got engaged to his girlfriend, Jen Smith, on June 16, 2019. Adams may not share much about his personal life on his Facebook, but you can many family photos over on Jen's profile. And it looks like they are one happy blended family. 

Ronnie has a daughter, Hannah Adams, from his previous relationship, while Jen has two daughters of her own, Sienna and Jade Allen. Ronnie also shares a dog with his girlfriend.

Ronnie and Jen look very much in love and excited for their married life ahead. We wish Ronnie Adams and his girlfriend, Jen Smith, all the best with their lovely family. Catch up with Ronnie Adams and Ashley Dead Eye Jones on Swamp People on History at 9/8c.

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