Brand new character (Ripley Turner) joining The Young and the Restless for February sweep

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Current events at Genoa City hints that an interesting addition is to take place in the upcoming days. Y&R mentioned the name, Ripley Turner, some time ago. One thing is clear that Ripley Turner will be connected with another new character, Amanda Sinclair, but when and how will he come to town? Here’s everything you need to know about Ripley Turner and actor Christian Keyes who is set to play the role.

Where is Ripley Turner, Amanda Sinclair’s ex-fiancé?

A few months ago, a major twist in the storyline made way for former Y&R star Mishael Morgan to return to the soap with a brand new appearance. Morgan left Y&R in 2018 after her former character, Hilary Curtis, passed away after a car accident. Lily was driving the car. So Lily was sentenced to a year in prison for killing Hilary and her unborn baby. 

In late 2019, Morgan returned to the Y&R canvas in the role of Amanda Sinclair, an attorney looking after Katherine Chancellor’s will. Her arrival in Genoa City affected Devon Hamilton the most not just because of the will conflict but she was the dead-ringer of his late wife, Hilary. 

Everyone has been suspicious about Amanda’s true motive ever since she arrived in town, especially because of her reserved nature. She does not like to talk much about her past life. But a little while ago, she dropped her guards with Billy and spilled some secrets. 

Amanda Sinclair and Billy Abbott

She revealed to Billy that she was an orphan and was raised in foster homes. She also revealed that she was engaged to someone named Ripley Tuner. She came to Genoa City to escape her abusive ex-fiancé.

According to Amanda, Turner was not always a monster. He was a complete sweetheart whom she considered her soulmate. But with time, he started becoming more and more controlling. The situation worsened to the point where Amanda filed for a restraining order against him and so did Turner.

Amanda told to Billy that she tagged a tracker on Ripley before coming to GC so that she could know where he is. But spoilers tease that the tracker will be of no use as Ripley will make a shocking arrival in town, probably looking for Amanda. 

When Amanda mentioned her ex-fiancé, we all knew it was just a matter of time until he pops up in the canvas. And recent news is that Y&R has already found its Ripley Turner. 

Who plays Ripley Turner in The Young and the Restless?

It has been announced that Y&R has hired an established talent to play the role of Ripley Turner. Soap Opera Digest recently reported that we will see actor Christian Keyes in the role of Turner. 

Viewers may remember, Amanda once talked about how sometimes you think you know someone and then the mask slips - slowly revealing the monster underneath. The way Amanda described Ripley, it seemed like Y&R needed a guy who could look handsome and bring the darkness to the character, too. Keyes has definitely got the right look. 

Viewers may recognize Keyes from his appearances in various television series like Let’s Stay Together, Saints & Sinners, In Contempt, Legends of Tomorrow, etc. Most recently, he made a guest appearance as a doctor in 9-1-1. 

You may not know but Keyes is also a singer. In 2005, he released an album called Day By Day. He has released several hit singles like Boots On, I’m Alright, I Know, etc. 

Currently, Keyes is working as an active advocate of Black Don’t Crack, a movement about “resilience and triumph through adversity.” He recently appeared in Fox Soul program Out Loud with Claudia Jordan, as well.

Talking of his airdate on Y&R, it has been reported that he would make his debut on February 5, 2020. However, this date could be preempted due to impeachment trial coverage. We will be back with more updates.

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