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Rico Paris is one of the cast members of Netflix’s newly released teen-romance movie, Tall Girl, starring Ava Michelle Cota and Luke Eisner. The movie is about a self-conscious tall teen girl named Jodi Kreyman who feels insecure about her height. Rico plays the role of Schnipper in the movie. Read on this short bio/wiki about Rico Paris and find out what other movies he has been in so far.

Rico Paris talks about his young age

Back in February 2019, Rico had an interview with VoyageATL, where he opened up about his various sides. To start with, he talked about his childhood and described how he was as a young kid. 

“Growing up I had an overbearing sense of emptiness. I was a pretty sad kid on the inside, but always smiling on the outside,” Paris said.

tall girl cast member Rick Paris

He eventually discovered that watching movies with his parents served as a great therapy at that time. He recalled how the family sat on their light beige leather couch and immersed themselves into the imagination as they watched movies together. 

In the next few years, when Rico grew up a little older, he realized that all he wanted was to be mattered but had no idea what he wanted out of life. So he started to spend his time alone, doing soul-searching. And that’s when he found out that he wanted to become an actor. 

He aspired to use the art of storytelling to move an audience and impact the way people think.

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Rico Paris’ career journey: As an extra to starring on Tall Girl

Rico first got the opportunity to learn about acting as an extra. During this time, he established networks with various people, one of whom finally got him signed to his first agency. 

He worked with that agency for a year and learned a lot during that time. After his contract ended a year later, he decided to look for a different one that would fit him a little better. He eventually got signed by Classic Talent Agency, the one he’s working with till now.  

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With the help of his new agency, Rico was able to find some amazing opportunities. He got parts in a few television series like The Resident and Better Call Saul. He appeared in a couple of episodes of The Resident as Enrique Diaz and an episode of Better Call Saul as Franklyn Pickett, both in 2018.

Recently, he portrayed the role of Schnipper on Netflix’s Tall Girl. His character is one of the nemeses of Jodi, the 6 feet 1-inch tall girl, who torments her since they were kids. The movie has created quite a buzz in the industry. 

Who is Rico Paris’ girlfriend?

In the long interview with VoyageATL, Rico did not talk about his relationship status or girlfriend. However, after a little research on his Instagram, we have found out that he may be dating a girl named Zoë Soul. She is a Dutch-Trinidadian singer.

rico paris girlfriend

Rico has not shared any images of this lady but he has been tagged in a picture on the lady’s profile. Zoë referred to Rick as “my person” on that image and Rick also commented the same way.

Zoë’s few more pictures have comments from Rick, which suggests that something is going on between the two. 

We’ll be sure to update as soon as anything is confirmed. 

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