Tall Girl star Anjelika Washington Wiki: Does she have a boyfriend, details on parents

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Anjelika Washington is making waves in the movie scene with Netflix's Tall Girl. She stars as Fareeda, the protagonist's no-nonsense BFF who has won the hearts of fans with her spunk. If you're curious know if she has a boyfriend, keep on reading! Here is a short wiki/bio on Tall Girl star Anjelika Washington.

Anjelika Washington Wiki/Bio: Know her age, parents

Anjelika Washington Tall Girl

Anjelika Washington was born on May 19, 2003, in Bakersfield, California. The actress has been acting since her teenage years. She stumbled upon a theater course when she was in her junior year in high school and her love for the arts flourished. It was during this time that she started nabbing starring roles in Shakespeare's most beloved plays also while competing in national cheer competition. 

Washington hasn't really talked about her parents much. Her mother accompanied her to the Tall Girl premiere on September 9 in Los Angeles. She recently revealed in an interview that her mom visited her on the set of Stargirl, the upcoming DC television series starring Washington, on her birthday. According to Washington, it was the first time her mother had seen her act.

Does Anjelika Washington have a boyfriend?

It doesn't look like Anjelika is dating anyone at the moment or she's keeping it low key even if she does have a boyfriend. We'll be keeping an eye out for someone special on her Instagram! You can follow her @anjelikaw, where she has garnered over 18.5k followers. 

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Anjelika Washington plays Fareeda in Netflix's Tall Girl

Anjelika Washington in Tall Girl

All eyes are on Ava Michelle Cota after her leading role in Netflix's latest romcom Tall Girl, where she plays Jodi. Her 6'2" height at the age of 16 makes her the subject of ridicule at her high school. Michelle's performance in Tall Girl has been positively reviewed but the audience have also bonded with Jodi's free spirited sassy best friend, Fareeda. We see Fareeda stand up for her BFF against bullies and keeps encouraging Jodi to embrace her differences.

Talking about her character, Washington said that she's much like her in real life. "I just feel that I got to be a lot more of myself in Fareeda than a lot of the other characters I have been honored to play. Fareeda definitely felt a lot more like me, especially the pink hair and braids."

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Anjelika Washington starring in Stargirl

Anjelika Washington

We're excited for Washington's upcoming role in the DC television series, Stargirl. The show is currently in production and is set to hit DC's exclusive streaming service in early 2020. Washington hasn't been able to reveal which character she's playing on the show.

" My character is under wraps. I can tell you I am part of the Justice Society of America (JSA); I can’t tell you who I am," she said in an interview.

Starring on Stargirl has been "the most magical experience" for Washington. "I get to play a really, really fun character that I’m really proud of. I worked really hard, and I think people are gonna laugh a lot and they’re gonna love her."

We'll be sure to update you on what Anjelika Washington is upto! 

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