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Shag Arrington is a marketing guru who earned widespread acclaims as a cast member of the reality TV show, Iron Resurrection. Besides having over two decades of experience in the marketing field, Shag is blessed with some craftmanship which he used to bring back vintage cars back from the dead on Iron Resurrection. The reality show aired on Velocity from 2016 to 2018 for three seasons. And recently, Iron Resurrection returned with a new season on February 5, 2020, which has once again brought Shag and his teammate in the spotlight. Here’s a Shag Arrington Wiki for readers looking forward to knowing about his personal life.

Shag Arrington Bio/Wiki: Age. Parents, Education

Shag was born as Jayson Arrington to Bill and Joyce Arrington. His exact date of birth and age have not been disclosed so far. But one thing is for sure that he was born in either 1971 or 1972. So currently, Shag is enjoying his late 40s. Shag went to Tarrant County College from 1990 to 1991.

Shag’s father, Bill, is a retired US Air Force Staff Sergeant. After leaving USAF, Bill went on to launch a service station called Texaco Service Station. 

Shag’s grandfather, Harry Turner, was also a US Air Force Tech Sergeant. Harry celebrated the 75th anniversary of his enlistment in the Army Air Corps on November 11, 2017. Shag revealed on his Instagram handle that his grandfather, aka Papa Buddy, got out of the Army Air Corps on December 11, 1945, and stayed out of the military for twenty-two months. He joined Air Force in October 1947.

Born and raised in Austin, Texas, Shag grew up learning about cars from his dad. The father-son duo used to work together in their garage listening to Willie Nelson and other country singers.  

Shag Arrington is married with two children

If you follow Shag on his Instagram, you would probably know that he is married to a beautiful lady, Danielle Arrington (née Davidson). Shag enjoys sharing pictures of his wife and their kids on social media.

It’s not exactly known how long Shag and Dani have known each other but they sure have been married for a very long time. The couple has been married since November 25, 1999, and Shag shared a very sweet post on his Facebook to wish his wife a happy 20th wedding anniversary.

The couple is parents to two adorable sons - Rayce Arrington and Zaine Arrington. Their first boy, Rayce, was born on February 11, 2001. He graduated from Stephen F. Austin High School, Austin, Texas, in July 2019. 

Zaine, who is four years and nine months younger than Rayce, was born on September 19, 2006.

Shag Arrington’s other business ventures

When Shag is not filming for Iron Resurrection, Shag spends time with his team, Young Biker Gang. The team formed when Ryan Turner, the coach of Shag’s elder son, came to learn about Shag working on a fat-tired electric minibike. Ryan and Shag decided to collaborate on blast testing the minibikes all around the city. The team has other members like Sean Cope, Sweet John Muehlbauer, Tyler O’Neil, and Patrick Ferrante. 

Iron Resurrection star Shag Arrington

Shag has designed some cool merchandise for his fans. Varieties of tee-shirts, hats, and stickers are available at his website “shagarrington.com.” 

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