When Calls the Heart recast Jack Thornton Jr. with Hyland Goodrich in Season 9 | Hyland Goodrich Bio

Caption : Hyland Goodrich from When Calls the Heart

Hearties get excited to meet their new little jack in When Calls the Heart Season 9  Hyland Goodrich is officially selected as the new face of Jack Thornton, Jr. Goodrich has already begun filming and has already impressed the WCTH family through his acting. The WCTH cast is pretty sure that the audience is going to fall in love with Goodrich’s performance. Viewers might not feel any different regarding little Jack’s character as there was another actor who was playing that role before Hyland. Who played little Jack in WCTH before Hyland? Is Hyland on social media? What do Hyland’s onscreen and offscreen parents think of him?

Who is Hyland Goodrich? Wiki/Bio

Hyland Goodrich who plays as little Jack is quite a young renaissance child. According to his Instagram bio, he is a 3-year-old conversationalist. He loves to play monster trucks, guitar, and ride bikes. He also enjoys reading books. He has a pet - a cat named Zelda - as adorable as him.

Hyland is associated with City Talent Management. It is an agency that specializes in babies, kids, and teens for commercials, televisions, and movies. His parents were very supportive to let him learn acting at such a young age. 

Goodrich has his own Instagram account, although the account is not run by Hyland himself yet. His parent’s created the account for him. 

Speaking of his family, he is the second child of his parents. He has an elder sister. Take a look at this family photo that his parents shared on his Instagram on Christmas. 

Hyland Goodrich family photo

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Who played baby Jack before Hyland Goodrich?

Before Hyland Goodrich, there were twin boys who played the role of baby Jack. The names of the twins were Lincoln and Gunnar Taylor. They first appeared on screen in 2019. Unfortunately, at the time when Lincoln and Gunnar were playing the role of baby Jack, the WCTH family especially, Erin Krakow and Chris McNally, were quite nervous to show their love and connection to the audience. As you’ve noticed there were not many scenes, especially between McNally and the baby. However, it turns out that the reason was not because of the storyline but the tons of covid safety requirements. Many scenes were even impossible to shoot. 

Baby Jack Thornton of When Calls the Heart

As of now, everything is fine which is why viewers can expect a strong connection between the family. Although the twins got replaced by Goodrich, the WCTH family will always think of them as special members by cherishing the memories they got to share together.

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When Calls the Heart cast opens up about Hyland Goodrich playing little Jack

Hyland seems to have impressed everyone with his talent and cuteness. His TV mother, Erin Krakow, who plays Elizabeth Thornton, is truly enchanted and delighted to meet him. She even told the media that her on-screen son, a new co-star, has brought so much happiness and laughter to Hope valley. 

When talking about Hyland as an actor, she said that he’s natural in front of the camera and very professional when it comes to improvisation. In fact, his improvisation made everyone smile. 

When Calls the Heart actors

Chris McNally who plays Lucas is also excited to have him. There were no scenes between him and baby Jack in the past. But now, his character will be having more screentime as a father just as he wanted.

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