The true story behind ABC's For Life, 50 Cent's new show starring Nicholas Pinnock based on Isaac Wright Jr.

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50 Cent's new ABC show, For Life, is based on the true story of Isaac Wright Jr., an independent record producer who was wrongly convicted of leading a cocaine trafficking ring. The series is created by Hank Steinberg and stars Nicholas Pinnock as Aaron Wallace. Here is everything you need to know about Isaac Wright Jr. Find out his age, wife and details on family in this Isaac Wright Jr. bio.

ABC's For Life based on true story of Isaac Wright Jr. 

ABC For Life

ABC's For Life centers on the convicted felon Aaron Wallace, played by Nicholas Pinnock, who becomes a lawyer behind bars and helps other wrongly convicted inmates to overturn their conviction. 

The drama series, produced by Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson, is based on the true story of an independent record producer named Issac Wright Jr. who served almost eight years in the New Jersey  State Prison located in Trenton after being wrongly convicted for leading a cocaine trafficking ring.  

Taking to the New York Post, Isaac Wright Jr. revealed that he was sentenced to life in prison in 1991.  “I was in for the [drug] kingpin count but there were several other counts that added up to [another] 70 years.”

In prison, Wright worked as a paralegal and helped his inmates overturn their illegal convictions. However, in the series, Aaron Wallace becomes a lawyer while behind bars. 

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How For Life is different from Isaac Wright Jr.'s story

50 Cent, Nicholas Pinnock and Isaac Wright Jr.

While ABC's For Life is based on a true story, there are some aspects of the show that have been fictionalized. In the show, Aaron Wallace becomes a lawyer while in prison. In reality, Wright was only a paralegal while he was locked up. Wright didn't begin his formal legal education until he was out of jail. 

After being released, he went on to do four years of undergraduate at the Thomas Edison State University in Trenton. He graduated college in 2002 and then he attended law school at St. Thomas University in Miami starting in 2004.

This was the reason behind the deviation from real life in the series. Wallace told The New York Post, "The reason we fictionalized it for the show is because you’re looking at seven-and-a- half years in prison. You’re looking at another three years for a law degree." 

He explained that he got out of law school in 2007 and passed the bar a year later but the New Jersey Bar's committee on character took nine more years to give him a license. 

Isaac Wright Jr. Bio

Isaac Wright Jr. was born in 1962. Prior to life in prison, he was an entrepreneur and had founded the girl group Cover Girls, which featured his wife, Sunshine Wright.

He was wrongfully convicted for being a drug kingpin and was imprisoned in 1991. He had never been through the system before. During the trial, Wright represented himself and was given a life sentence. 

While in prison, Wright studied the law and oversaw his own appeal. As a paralegal, he helped 20 of his inmates to get reduced sentences.

Isaac Wright Jr. currently works for the law firm Hunt, Hamlin & Ridley in Newark, New Jersey. He is an executive producer on ABC's For Life. In 2016, Wright met 50 Cent when he helped him make a fight club legal so that the rapper could perform there. 

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    I really enjoyed the series For Life, story of Issac wright. But, after his endorsement of Kim Kardashian, 😱 I think I can’t take him as credible in his fight for justice. It’s all Hollywood Fake

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