WFLA News Channel 8 morning news anchor Gayle Guyardo to leave the network after facing health issues

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WFLA News Channel 8 reporter Gayle Guyardo recently announced her departure from the station after more than three decades in the television news industry. Gayle revealed in a statement that she is leaving the job due to her health issues. Apparently, she has been suffering from health issues related to the vocal cord. Gayle Guyardo announced the news on Monday, February 3, 2020. Here’s the latest update about Gayle Guyardo’s health condition and details of when she will return to work.

Gayle Guyardo to rehab her vocal cords during the hiatus

WFLA News took to Twitter to announce the news that Gayle will no longer be working with the station. The news channel revealed in the tweet that Gayle has decided to leave the morning news so that she could make time to rehab her vocal cord.

“After 33 years in the television news industry, my voice, what I depend on for my job, can no longer live up to the demands of anchoring day in and day out, broadcasting 4 1/2 hours of live news everyday,” Gayle said in her statement. 

In an interview, Guyardo said that her vocal cords suffered from discomfort and pain from anchoring every day. She recently started the treatment and her doctor has advised her to take at least 90 days of vocal rest. According to her doctor, the rest would help her heal. However, the same issues are likely to return if she returns to the same anchoring routine. Having said so, chances of Gayle returning to News Channel 8 seem relatively low but nothing has been confirmed as of now.

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“Sadly, once my vocal cords are healed, returning to the demands of anchoring 4 1/2 hours will eventually lead to the very same medical issues down the road. So, I’m anxious to see what the future holds,” she said.

Gayle began working as a TV journalist in the 80s and has been working from her hometown, Tampa, since 1993. 

“Minus a 9-month hiatus, I have been reporting to work at News Channel 8 since the summer of 1993. There isn’t a day that passes that I don’t thank God for the privilege of working in such an incredible industry, for a power house station like WFLA, that happens to be in my hometown of Tampa, Florida,” Gayle stated.

“I’ve grown up at Channel 8. All my major life events happened at that station. I had a family, raising 4 amazing daughters alongside my loving husband, Mark.”

Gayle also mentioned her amazing friends in the interview. “I have met some of my dearest friends who are not just co-workers, but like family to me. I have worked alongside some of the most talented and intelligent people you would ever know,” she said.

“The hardest part about all of this is that I won’t see the smiling faces of my co-workers who fill me with joy and laughter each and every day – but I do look forward to weekly catch-ups very soon,” she added.

During the interview, Gayle revealed that Friday, February 28, would be the last day for her on WFLA News Channel 8’s morning news.

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